PEPPERELL — Betterment fees for residents connecting to the town sewer as part of the $1.4M 2008/09 sewer extension project can expect to receive their assessments in their 2010 tax bills.

According to DPW Director Robert Lee, the betterments will be $3,820 per bedroom, equating to $11,460 for a typical three-bedroom home.

“The extremely competitive bidding kept the cost down,” said Lee, who expected the betterments to run closer to $14,000 for a typical three-bedroom home.

With a number of new sewer and water projects slated for 2010, Lee suggested to the Board of Public Works that a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan could help reduce the cost of those and other future infrastructure projects by 8 to 14 percent. Lee explained that SRF low interest loan rules do make projects “more complicated” due to reporting requirements, but there is no cost associated with applying for the loan.

“Let’s go and do it,” said Commissioner Louis Shattuck whose sentiment was echoed among the entire board.

Regular maintenance on the Townsend Street water tank was recently completed. “The tank is sound and protective coatings have good adhesion,” was the report received by Director Lee after cleaning of the tank’s interior. Chief Operator Matt Walsh believes the tank will have to be repainted at some point, perhaps five-10 years out, and at a cost of around $200,000.

The board also heard continued bad news on the revenue stream generated by the transfer station. Total revenue dropped by $36,000 from fiscal years 2008 to 2009. Lee explained that the revenue loss was not being made up by the fee increase for bag tags approved last year.

“There’s not much revenue coming in from recyclables,” said Lee.

The town has received $153,000 thus far out of the $157,000 of FEMA reimbursements for debris removal from last year’s ice storm. The total volume of debris removed from town property was 2,850 cubic yards.

In other business, the board approved a waiver filed by Clark’s Retirement Homes to permit connection of a maximum of four units to each sewer lateral. Normally, not more than two connections to a lateral are allowed.

With the fall Town Meeting around the corner next month, Director Lee gave the board a heads-up that Julia Lane would not be ready for road acceptance due to many items outstanding on the punch list. North Villages Estates is expected to be ready, with Lee stating that the roadway was “very close” to being ready for acceptance.

An abatement in the amount of $358.50 for sewer was approved for 42 Hollis St.