AYER — It’s quite an undertaking. Downtown Ayer is going to be transformed into the backdrop for several events, all running at the same time, making for a very vibrant scene. One event playing out at two locations will have a distinct focus on art.

The second annual ArtSmart event is to take place Saturday, Sept. 26. On “stage one,” the musical acts will perform at Ayer Town Hall in the Great Hall on the second floor. Scheduled musicians include the Artemis Singers, Justin Meyer, the Town Hall Music Project — a program for children/families — and the Mike Rush Band, a staple at The 31 Main Restaurant and other local stages.

At the second local, the visual arts will be on display at the former firehouse at 14 Washington St. The great firehouse doors will be rolled up, allowing visitors to peruse tables of artists lined up along the perimeter of the former fire apparatus bays. Come to look around, talk to the artists, or even buy their art pieces — the choice is yours, says ArtSmart Chairwoman Lisa White.

“This is a fundraiser for the (nonprofit) Ayer Cultural Council,” said White. “Our goal is to raise funds to ultimately improve the acoustics in the Great Hall,” the next targeted project for the group.

Several local artists will sell their wares, their dsiciplines stretching from photography, mixed-media, sketch, woodworking, and furniture arts. It’s also not too late to save a space for a local artist to participate in the event.

Confirmed artists to appear at the ArtSmart event include:

* Harding Bush – oil on canvas

* Sandra Fleisher – jewelry

* Diana Hughes – mixed media & quilting

* Janet Gulatta & Doug Janssen – photography

* Cayce McCall – photography

* Elizabeth Phillips

* Judith Logan – portrait sketching

* Mark Cantrell – furniture & woodworking

* Cyndi Lavin – beads & jewelry

The call goes out for a local henna tattoo artist, for some temporary art pieces to wear home. ArtSmart Chair Lisa White puts out the call to all local artists, “we need more of every of everything.”

While this is the third ArtSmart event, following the 2008 March and September shows, this is now being tracked as a fall event, hence the “second annual” designation for next weekend’s art show.

Admission is free. ArtSmart takes place both at Ayer Town Hall and the former firehouse at 14 Washington Street. Both locations will showcase the arts on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.