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SHIRLEY — The Board of Selectmen named Assessor Ronald L. Marchetti as the transitional manager Monday to succeed Town Administrator Kyle J. Keady until a permanent replacement is named.

Marchetti is expected to work with Keady until Keady assumes his new job as town administrator in Pepperell Oct. 1.

The board unanimously voted to name a transitional manager instead of an interim administrator because Marchetti is not expected to perform the same duties as Keady, said Chairman Armand “Andy” Deveau.

“All I want to say is, I look forward to working with all the folks to make this the best town during these times,” Marchetti said moments after the announcement was made to town staff.

Marchetti is responsible for defining the administrator’s role and responsibilities so the board can conduct a job search for Keady’s permanent replacement, Deveau said.

“He is going to be crafting the requirements for the new town administrator,” Deveau said.

Marchetti’s job will not stop with the definition of Keady’s duties. He is expected to define the roles of other town employees because there are so many employees who have indicated they want to leave, he said.

“Change affords you the ability to take a much closer look at how things have been done in the past and make changes so that things become better,” Deveau said. “Sometimes we get complacent in the ways we perform our jobs.”

Town Accountant Bobbi Jo Colburn was scheduled to interview for the same job in Pepperell Monday night and Keady has told selectmen he wants to take Executive Assistant Kathleen A. Rocco with him to Pepperell.

Other employees have let it be known they are looking for new jobs, Deveau and Selectman Enrico Cappucci said.

“My opportunity is to understand who is leaving and how we can back fill those roles,” Marchetti said.

Marchetti was the worldwide customer operations manager for Digital Compaq and retired after a 30-year career in 1999. He is a director for Fidelity Bank and president/director of Shirley Charitable Foundation, as well as chairman of the Taxation Committee.

The board set parameters for Marchetti’s salary but did not define it, Deveau said.

“In general, I can tell you the discussions were that we do not want this transition process to cost any more money than has already been budgeted for the town administrator’s position,” Deveau said. “So there are still some details that need to be worked out in number of hours and how that translates to dollars but ultimately the goal is to not have this cost the community any more money than has already been budgeted.”

Selectmen said they are fed up with losing employees who are dissatisfied with the two-year wage freeze and are vowing to address the issue when the budget season begins.

“I cannot in good conscience ask these people to not get a raise three years in a row,” Deveau said. “That is not the right thing to do.”

The town has been operating without a police chief since Paul Thibodeau retired in April or a Public Works Department director since Joseph Lynch was laid off in March.

“I think the selectmen have to take a stronger look at the budget in the upcoming year because we can’t keep losing employees,” Cappucci said.

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