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Ayer Selectman Gary Luca is seeking reconsideration at the board’s next meeting concerning the passing over of the Finance Committee’s unanimous request to fill a vacant seat.

The finance board, in a 4-0 vote, supported former selectman and Finance Committee member Pauline Conley’s bid to be appointed for a three-year term to fill the vacancy created when Chairman Larry Keenan’s term expired on June 30. Keenan did not seek reappointment. There are presently two vacancies on the board, each carrying a three-year term, after Keenan’s exit and the departure of Mary Spinner after a decade of service.

In order to be reconsidered, Chairman Connie Sullivan, who drafts the meeting agenda, must approve Luca’s request. In effect, the majority four members of the selectmen “voted,” (by omission) to ignore the Conley recommendation. Luca alone sought approval of the Conley appointment to the Finance Committee. The selectmen’s next meeting is scheduled for July 14. Conley had no comment when asked about the pass-over, but she did blog into our Web site to join the dialogue.

What do you have to say about the selectmen’s inaction concerning Conley? It’s provoked a bevy of comments on our Web site, Here are some excerpts:

* “Bacon Hill” said on July 3: This is where Ayer politics has gone. The BOS want YES men, no discussion, no arguments, they want total control. Well I say they are out of control. We need the skills and knowledge that Pauline has and I hope Pauline never changes. We need people in local government who stand up for the people. All this play nice BS will get is bad government deeper in debt. Would Pauline award sweeheart (sic) deals to consultants who are personal friends? Of course not can you say that about some current selectman? Pauline has more integrity than any person on the current BOS.

* “Sandypond” said on July 3: This is so typical of the Ayer BOS. I agree with the other post they want all the control and only want people that have the same views as they do. If you notice the selectman meetings are very quick because everyone agrees on everything and I think most discussions take place outside of the meetings. The fact that Luca wasn’t aware of the other Selectmen’s intentions tells me they probably thought he wouldn’t agree. Pauline can definitely come on strong but I don’t think you can question her commitment to the Town of Ayer.

* “Ayer Comments” said on July 4: This is just more business as usual at the BoS and won’t change as long as the residents keep silent by re-electing them. Recall when the town didn’t want to share a DPW supt w/Harvard? Some 20 people showed up to speak against the idea and a week later the BoS hired the person recommended by their own search cmte. If enough folks show up at the July 14th BoS mtg perhaps they would appt the person requested by the FinCom? I challenge everyone who is upset by this to show up and be heard.

* “Bacon Hill” said on July 4: Why show up? This Bos is just down right arragant (sic) and as this topic demonstrates they not only ignore the will of the people but also their committees. If a committee makes a unanimous recommendation and the BoS ignores that then as an average citizen why even try? But then again, this is the government we (of course not me) voted for and sadly I expect to be voted in again.

* “Pauline” said on July 4: My sincerest thanks for your support. You are so right: they don’t want me because I will let you know the truth about what is going on. I’ve never treated any resident or member of the public w/disrespect. If you want to know about your money and government I encourage you to write the BoS and/or attend the mtg as suggested by ‘Ayer Comments’. Please feel free to contact me directly as well. I’m in the book or write me at 40 Cambridge St. Thanks again, Pauline Conley

* “Bacon Hill” said on July 4: Pauline, please don’t change who you are or how you operate. Yes we all can be more diplomatic about how we interact and present ourselves. But I would rather have a straight shooter than someone who is a weasel. What I don’t understand is if the BoW (Board of Weaseles) can’t handle being confronted by you then maybe the Finance Committee can offer to have someone else on the committee address them at the BoW meetings so their feelings aren’t hurt whilst you dedicate yourself as you always have done and work for us.

* “Ayers Looney Toons” said on July 7: Anyone can see Pauline has issues and the last thing she has is any interest in service to the Town of Ayer or the will of the people in Ayer. Pauline only cares about being the center of attention and getting her way regardless of decorum, tact or basic simple manners. She will bury a problem in minutia if she does not get her way, extending out meetings to extraordinary lengths to stall or obstruct a process. She has shown her inability to work well with others time and again. Even her comments to the Public Spirit about her failed run for the BOS a second time about “…I have other ways up my sleeve” about how to serve the Town of Ayer insinuate that there is a shadowy intent on her part to get her way. The BOS did the right thing in not placing Pauline Conley on a board that requires discussion, debate, acquiescence at times and teamwork, and not a person that will throw a tantrum when they don’t get there (sic) way.

* “Dick Madigan” said on July 7: there is no discussion by the current BOS, it’s all done behind closed doors or thru emails. everything is underhanded, scripted and rehearsed to make the BOS members look good when the cameras are rolling. Pauline shows us that there is more than one side of an issue. debate, and discussion are not obstructions (sic). I don’t want something passed that has been decided behind closed doors, healthy debate and discussion with public input gets my vote.

* “BoS is BS” said on July 7: You are entitled to your opinion but the facts show otherwise. The Finance Committee’s unanimous vote suggests they not only want her but the can deal with her. If the Bos (BoW) wants to present a facade of utopia then fine but understand we the citizens are left with the damage. Take the recent town web site issue where it has placed the town in legal jeapordy (sic). Instead we are presented with how good a job the webmaster is doing. Now there is a new unreported issue where Fletcher’s Pond was once again at dangerous levels but until a sportsman complained nothing was done. Will we learn why this happened again (re: in 2005 when the town and illegally lowered the water level). What I am trying to say is the BoS presents itself as being in harmony while they lie through their teeth. If the latest Devens fiasco where we were told the buildings were in imminent danger if we didn’t vote to have them developed into inner city type housing doesn’t prove that nothing will.