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Police and Fire log, June 27 through July 1:

Saturday, June 27

AM 1:14, Ayer Police Department, Park Street, general services; 1:28, Main Street., local ordinances by-laws; 2:20, Atherton Street, suspicious activity; 5:32, Carlton Circle, vehicle accident (property); 11:29, Myrick Street, assist citizen;

PM 12:29, Loon Hill Road, animal complaint; 1:51, AÒS Ambulance 1 to Groton; 3:14, AlS Ambulance 1 to Pepperell, 3:15, Sandy Pond Road, general services; 3:54, East Main Street, police and Ambulance 1 respond; 4:00, Box 9 station coverage; 4:27, Old Groton Road, disturbance-general; 5:15, Willard Street, violation of restraining order; 6:50, Pine Street, general services; 6:58, ALS Ambulance 1 to Pepperell; 10:11, Willard Street, general services; 10:18, Willard Street silent still alarm, Engine 2 for smoke investigation; 10:28, Mango Grill, Littleton Road, suspicious activity;

Sunday, June 28

AM 12:36, Willard Street, police and Ambulance 1 respond; 1:47, McDonald’s Resturant, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 1:58, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 9:33, Pirone Park, Bligh Street, vandalism; 10:34, Harvard Road, animal complaint; 10:49, Page Street, assist citizen; 10:54, Century Carpet & Creative Design, Main Street, vandalism; 11:53, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity;

PM 12:03, Sandy Pond Road, Forestry respond; 12:08, Winthop Avenue, Forestry respond; 4:15, Ambulance 1 mutual aid to Harvard; 7:06, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity;; 7:26 Patricia Drive, suspicious activity; 8:47, Groton Shirley Road, suspicious activity; 21:18, Franklin Circle, police and Ambulance 1 respond; 9:46, K & W. Tire, Willow Road, burglary breaking and entering; 10:34, Oak Street, disturbance-family;

Monday, June 29

AM 12:55, ALS Ambulance 1 to Harvard; 1:02, Essco, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 1:05, Horn Packing Corp., Westford Road suspicious activity; 2:23, School complex, Washington Street, vandalism; 7:39, Post Office, Columbia Street, vandalism; 9:34, Park Street, assist citizen; 10:47, Ayer Moving and Storage Co. Inc., Central Avenue, vandalism; 10:59, Robbins Road, serve paper work; 11:10, Loon Hill Road, serve restraining order;

PM 12:56, Willard Street, police and Ambulance 1 respond; 1:20, Park Street at Main Street, vehicle accident (property); 1:35, Middlesex Bank, Newton Street, vandalism; 5:40, Third Street, general services; 5:59, Patricia Drive, general services; 6:40, McNiff Farm, Westford Street, animal complaint; 7:30, Shanklin Corp., Westford Streeet, animal complaint; 8:03, Loon Hill Road, serve restraining order; 8:16, Robbins serve paper work; 11:5, West Main Street, assist citizen;

Tuesday, June 30

AM 4:48, West Main Street, assist other agencies; 9:45, Westford Street, animal complaint; 11:29, Pleasant Street, general services;

PM 12:44, Hatch Street, annoying phone calls; 1:18, Willard Court, larceny; 2:14, Washington Street, general services; 2:28, Quail Run at Haymeadow Lane, suspicious activity; 3:02, Pearl Street, animal complaint; 5:14, Washington Street, assist citizen; 7:14, Hatch Street, general services; 11:40, Dog Pound area, Barnum Road, suspicious activity;

Wednesday, July 1

AM 4:09, Central Avenue Ambulance 1 respond; 1:40, Hannaford’s, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 1:42, Moore’s Lumber yard & Home Center, West Main Street, Burglar alarm; 4:38, Pearl Street, Medical first aid; 7:29, Snake Hill Road at Sandy Pond Road, assist citizen; 10:56, East Main Street, Medical first aid; 11:17, Park Street, general services;

PM 2:26, Littleton Road, leaving scene of personal injury property damage; 3:54, Mulberry Circle, general services, 6:57, Oak Ridge Drive, general services; 705, Pearl Street, general services; 7:29, Haymeadow Lane at Pingry Hill animal complaint; 7:46, Mechanic Ext. violation restraining order; 9:22, Willard Street, noise complaint; 9:56, Mechanic Ext. violation restraining order; 10:48, Wintrhop Avenue, medical first aid; 11:26, Littleton Road, asssit oter agenices.

Fire department responded to 1 auto lockout, 1 building lockout, 1 public assist.


Thursday, June 25, Issac Okeefe, 24, homeless, Operation under the influence;

Saturday, June 27, Mirinda F. Decarolis, 25, Jaffrey NH, arrest in Ayer charged with OUI, marked lane, violation negligent operation of motor vehicle, speeding;

Sunday, June 28, Nicole Delgado, 21, Ayer, disorderly conduct;

Monday, June 29, Jonathan Tyler, 23, Ayer, unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, state highway traffic violation following to closely; Cherice Klipfel, Ayer, 37, Ayer, assault and battery;

Tuesday, July 1, Garrett Ojala, 25, Townsend, disturbing the peace.