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I attended the open school committee meeting where Dr. Marshall proposed the closing of Peter Fitzpatrick School in Pepperell and the Squannacook School in Townsend. Dr. Marshall brought up several points about which I have questions.

She stated that in the last five or six years, North Middlesex has lost over 400 students. She predicted how many more students North Middllesex would lose in the next decade. My question is why is North Middlesex losing students when I read that Nashoba Tech’s enrollment is increasing by 7 to 10 percent per year, according to Superintendent Klimkiewicz. What is the problem with North Middlesex: Is it the administration? Is it the teaching? Is it a problem with drugs? What is the problem!!!!

Another question I have is that if North Middlesex lost over 400 students in the last five to six years, according to Dr. Marshall, how many teachers were let go and how many employees in the administrative office lost their jobs?

My third concern is if Peter Fitz and Squannacook schools are being closed, what is going to happen to the administrative staff at those two schools?

I, like anyone else, hates to see anyone lose their job in these trying times but I cannot see a duplication of jobs at the taxpayer’s expense. The principal, assistant principal, and the administrative staff at these two schools should be let go.

I also find it very difficult to understand why Dr. Marshall’s salary is $169,112 followed by Michael Tikonoff at $120,000, Gerald Martin at$115,333, Michael Flanagan at $112,500, Deborah Brady at $107,640 and the manager of information technology at $100,000, the remaining administrators in the district with salaries between $70,00 and $99,000 if the enrollment continues to decline, will their salaries decline?



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