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AYER — Acting Superintendent George Frost said a Reverse 911 call was placed to parents last Thursday night regarding one confirmed case of the H1N1 virus at the Page Hilltop Elementary School.

Frost said the “youngster was out the week before (last) week and the parents notified us.”

He said a problem is that by the time the virus is detected and results confirmed, officials “find it out well after the fact.”

Since then, though, Frost says the student is back at school, ‘He’s back at it. He’s healthy. He’s fine.”

“We’re doing what everybody’s doing. We’re monitoring the absentee list,” to see if there are other illness trends caused by the infection, he said. It seems that other students at Page Hilltop are fine.

Frost did note, however, that there are two Ayer High School students out of school and awaiting results as to whether they have the so-called swine flu. One student was out a few days last week while another was sent home last Friday with symptoms.

“In both cases, the parents have been more than cooperative,” he said.

Frost noted that school closings are no longer advised for swine-flu cases, but rather school nurses are in contact with the state Department of Public Health and Epidemiology units.

“We’re trying to do the right thing,” said Frost. “We’re not at all concerned with closing schools. From our end, we’re following all the procedures. The parents have been cooperative.

“The call to parents,” he said, “was more just to inform and make people aware instead of to alarm people.

‘Watch your child carefully,” said Frost. “If you see flu symptoms, get it checked out.”

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