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Even though the bulldozers have begun to destroy the Spectacle Pond aquifer, a key well for drinking water for Ayer, we have not yet given up the fight to stop vehicle unloading lot.

The only alternative left after a 10-year battle to prevent a known polluter — Pan Am Railroad — from building over our aquifer, is to flex our political will and take advantage of our right to free speech to stop it.

When fining Pan Am $400,000 for a spill of 800 to 1700 gallons in Ayer two years ago (which the railroad reported late and as only nine gallons), Attorney General Martha Coakley wrote on March 30 in a memorandum on sentencing, “The defendants [Pan Am] have a long track record of violating the environmental laws, including a particularly long record of unreported releases of oil and other hazardous materials to the environment, and have utterly failed to develop reliable or consistent environmental management systems despite having been ordered to do so repeatedly.”

We cannot give the keys to our aquifer to a known polluter. Pan Am plans to unload Ford automobiles, in an operation managed by UPS. Ironically, there is a similar lot one-quarter mile to the east that could be used for the same purpose, and protect our aquifer.

Once an aquifer is polluted, it rarely recovers. Many businesses in the region depend on the aquifer for water, including Nasoya, Pepsi and Aquafina, VeryFine and Cains. We need those companies to join the chorus and step forward to stop the lot.

Please join us for Diesel Daiquiris, Gin and Toxins and Runoff Rickey at Unhappy Hour from 5-7 p.m. at the rotary on Friday, June 12 and June 26. We must take advantage of the only option left to stop the lot by demonstrating against it. For information contact or call 978-772-3930.


Coalition for Aquifer Protection


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