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TOWNSEND — A local couple is opening a new restaurant early next month at the former location of J & B’s Grille in the Harbor Village Mall.

Al and Pamela Mariano, owners of Bailey’s Bar & Grille, say they’re looking forward to providing a family-friendly atmosphere and giving the community the choices lacking since the former restaurant’s closing.

“There is no theme or gimmick — we are not a chain restaurant,” said Pamela Mariano. “Though our theme could be considered to be… to deliver top-quality food and customer service, and to offer value and a variety of choices that will appeal to all our customers.”

The Marianos have lived in Townsend for five years and have three children. They say they’ve always dreamed of opening a restaurant.

Like many in Townsend, as well as Route 119 commuters, the Marianos have noticed the potential of the former J & B’s Grille, which had been vacant for several years.

“I remember hearing a story from a neighbor when we first moved back to the area,” said Pam. The story was that a place called J& B’s was where many people went, she recalled, one of the few places around to go to enjoy a night out with family and friends.

Pamela Mariano said she has many years of experience in the restaurant industry in different capacities. Her husband is a self-employed businessman, managing the family’s business activities.

“We plan on surrounding ourselves with great people,” the couple said.

At the heart of the kitchen will be the return of chef Paul Lorenzen, formerly of J & B’s, and currently a chef at the Crossroads Café in Acton.

“Chef Lorenzen will be serving fresh in-house sauces and recipes that will engage and feed any appetite,” Al Mariano said. “The menu will range from filet mignon and burgers to Italian and Mexican dishes.”

To start, the restaurant will be open for dinner on weekdays, with lunch and dinner served on weekends.

The Marianos describe the restaurant as featuring a large bar, separate from the main dining area. Their main dining room will offer open seating, a separate function room and a sun room.

As a way to give back to the community, Bailey’s will feature a North Middlesex Burger, with portions of the proceeds going to supporting local fundraising efforts.

“Charity never tasted so good,” Al Mariano quipped.

“In times like these, it would be a great way to give back and support our community,” his wife added.

While the couple say they have more fun planned for the restaurant, for now “it’s a lot of hard work to get it opened,” Al said. “Keep watching for signs of life, and before you know it, it will become your favorite place to go… again.”

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