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The papers today seem full of divisiveness and special groups not being able to see each other’s similarities as clearly as the differences.

It was a unique pleasure to witness an event on Friday that brought together many local factions that don’t always get a chance to interact. The Memorial Day Celebration and Remembrance Day at Page Hilltop School was an opportunity for seniors, military personnel–past and present, parents, the staff and the entire student body to come together. For some it might have seemed like a vision from the past when Fort Devens was a mighty force in this community. Our new Principal Fred Deppe wanted us to make that connection and re-establish that history. I think with support of the staff, our chorus and student leadership team he did a wonderful job. Although the highlight may have been the dedication of a new flag pole with the hoisting of a very special flag which once was “on duty” in Iraq the heart and soul of the day was the students. Some wrote wonderful essays on patriotism and what freedom and liberty mean to them. Some performed poems and sang with passion and youthful enthusiasm. Some contributed by simply being a respectful and attentive audience.

To be honest, at first the idea of the full student body from pre K through fifth graders on a warm sunny day right before a long weekend filled me with misgivings

can they sit that long, will they be quiet and listen with speeches going on?? I have learned this year however-with Mr. Deppe’s help–to take that leap of faith that–“these kids can do it!” and somehow they don’t disappoint. I hope that this paper might publish some of the essays that were student written.

This year has been full of great opportunities to link our school to this community–the fabulous Wizard’s game, the truly Wacky Winter Olympics and now or Memorial Day Celebration connecting Ayer’s past with our future citizens. I hope that more community members take part in these special events and see how we can call work together to improve the quality of like in this town.

Resident, teacher



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