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TOWNSEND — Lunch prices are going up throughout the North Middlesex Regional School District, starting this fall.

Gerry Martin, the district’s business manager, said lunch for students in kindergarten through fourth grade will go up to $2.25 and lunch for students in fifth grade through high school will go to $2.50.

Students are paying $1.75 for lunch in kindergarten through fifth grade now and $2 in sixth grade through high school, Martin said.

Milk will increase to 60 cents for all students from 50 cents now, he said.

The School Committee unanimously voted to raise the prices.

Martin said the price hike is due to an increase in labor costs, food costs and repairs the district made to school equipment, like refrigerators and ovens.

The district paid about $37,000 this year in equipment purchases and repairs, according to Martin.

The district maintains its own food service and does not contract out to a private company, Martin said.”It’s a self-contained operation.”

The price increase did not concern committee members, because the quality of the food has improved noticeably, School Committee member Sue Fitzgerald said.

“The word on the street is the food is getting better,” she said.

Martin said the quality and quantities of lunches at the high school are improving since a change in management there.

“There’s better management there,” Martin said.

Martin said parents have not contacted his office with concerns about the price increase. He said he generally does not get complaints about the price of lunch.

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