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SHIRLEY — This year’s Destination Imagination (DI) Regional Tournament was very successful for the Shirley teams. Every DI team did a great job! In the past few years, Shirley has gone to state and even global competitions. This year was no exception.

The Rising Stars have proven that first- and second-graders can work together and perform a wonderful skit. They had colorful props and an original song. Rising Stars for 2009 are Thomas Dentino, Michaela Hoffmann, Dana Maloney, Madden Warren and Angela Xing.

The third/fourth-grade team’s challenge was ViDIo lit hits. They gave Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat” a new spin, creating a dance routine and an original song. It was a crowd-pleasing performance. Hats off to this team. This year’s team is Kyle Goulart, Meghan Greene, Julia Greene, Sonya Trapp and Eric Xing.

The fifth-grade team’s Private DI had horror, action and drama all in one play. They had one half hour to pick their assignment, make their props, make a superstition origin detector, and create an original play. This team won first in the elementary division for Private DI and will be going to the state competition on April 11. Congratulations to Hannah Cooper, Megan Dean, Julie Maillet, Caitlyn Murphy, Courtney Stoltzfus and Jasmine Willis.

Private DI also challenged the seventh/eighth-grade team. In a half hour, they created a skit that included film noir, silent movie and western. They also had one hour to make their props, make a superstition origin detector, and create an original play. Just before the play started they were given an extra obstacle, which was that one of the parts had to sing instead of talk. This was done to the enjoyment of all who watched. The play was creative and was enjoyed by the crowd. This team tied for second place with Groton. Nice job Gina Dalo, Jennifer Goulart, Mary Lyon and Marissa Vasquez.

The Bemis High School team also was challenged by Private DI. They finished second in the High School Division. Great job Jarod Aponte, Asiah Goss, Ryan Goulart, Kassie Huss, Jess Peck, Kari Smiraglia and Kelsey Taylor.

As stated above, the fifth-grade team will be moving on to the state competition. They will be competing April 11 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The schedule has not been posted for when they will compete. The parents and school are very proud of these DIers and wish them luck in the upcoming event.