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That’s exactly what my daughter received recently during her stay at Nashoba Valley Medical Center.

What started as an ordinary sore throat quickly changed into an acute illness. Hence, the need for immediate medical attention. This is what brought us to NVMC.

After many blood tests, cultures and CAT scans, it was determined that Shauna had double pneumonia, along with pharyngitis. It was quite a shock to learn of this diagnosis, not to mention how abruptly it came on.

The next five days were spent in the Intensive Care Unit, where the best (hands on) care was given. Closely monitored day and night, and kept as comfortable as possible to maintain heart rate and oxygen levels along with watching vital signs, Shauna received complete medical care.

Watching your child suffer and endure great pain without being able to help is very difficult and stressful. While nurses were keeping my daughter comfortable, they made sure to keep me abreast of all necessary measures taken during every step of the way. Reassurance was the key for a positive outlook.

Each day things looked a little better. By the time of her discharge, Shauna would have met with eight doctors, including many specialists. I have never met any doctor who was so dedicated to the health and well-being of one person. Typically, you see a doctor when he/she does rounds during their shift. Not the case at this hospital. These doctors cared about their patient so much that each would check in on her on a regular basis to inform us of any new findings, ask if we had questions or concerns, or just stop by to see how Shauna was doing. This is what I call total dedication. And this is how the medical staff at NVMC work together as a team.

From the Emergency Department to a regular room, and then on to Intensive Care, the nurses and overall staff were fantastic. All of these people went above and beyond their call of duty.

We are very fortunate to have a relative who is a nurse at NVMC, who happened to be on duty the night we arrived at the hospital. She made sure that every step was taken to quickly ascertain a diagnosis so as to treat Shauna with the appropriate medical care needed to get this teenager better. Once the diagnosis was given, the process was started to treat for pneumonia. She was moved to ICU and remained there for the duration.

The nurses in ICU were surprised to have such a young patient admitted in the unit. However, that didn’t keep them from doing their jobs as normal. They had a scared young woman who didn’t know what was happening to her. Being on oxygen, having IVs in her arm and blood being drawn daily, were just a few things that kept her in a restless state. This was the best place to find comfort and special care.

Each day the oxygen levels increased. By the end of the fourth day, the oxygen mask was eliminated. We were very excited! Shauna was on the mend. When the doctor told us she may be going home soon, we were elated. They would aim for Monday, and Monday it was.

After having a very positive experience at NVMC, I know how dedicated the doctors, nurses, technicians and therapists are to their jobs. Should the need arise for medical attention in the future, I know I’ll find myself in the hands of the Nashoba team

The saying, “Life is too short” has a different meaning for me today, thanks to Nashoba Valley Medical Center.