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AYER — As the second quarter comes to a close, the Ayer Middle School community came together on Wednesday, Feb. 25 to recognize the students who are going above and beyond in their work at the school. Twenty-five sixth, seventh and eighth grade students were given Student of the Quarter awards by the faculty at the school for showing exemplary work and dedication.

Awards were announced and given out by the school’s assistant principal, Rich McGrath. In addition to the certificate, students were able to pick a trinket out of the “little something” box and get a pin that enables them to go to the front of the lunch line when they wear it.

“It is so important to recognize and celebrate the diligence that these students have shown,” McGrath said. He also told students that any one of them could get an award like the ones handed out on that morning by showing their “best effort each day.”

Many reasons were cited for the awarding of each of the certificates. In the sixth grade, Donovan Belliveau was recognized for being “delightful to work with,” Alexander Du shows “respectful behavior and dedication to completing assignments in a timely and efficient manner” and Bryan Du is “always polite, creative, attentive and a team player.”

Renee Lafortune has shown “quiet dedication,” while Kaitlin Meyer “works hard and is consistently enthusiastic” and Ranu Patel is an “A-plus student who is polite and always on time.” Ting Vuong was applauded for his “character traits and dignity,” Jarryd Wick for his “positive attitude and great participation,” and Charlotte Young for “being a great leader in the flute section of band.”

In the seventh grade, Austin Allen was noted for making a “conscious effort to improve in all academic areas,” Melissa Belanger has “an infectious approach to every challenge” and Yuliana Cruz is a “very polite A student”. Sophia Grallert is “creative, consistent and congenial,” Justin Pang is “an excellent student and accomplished musician,” and Willow Sargent “puts forth great effort and pride in technology.” Sarah Wallace was praised for her “hard work while under pressure,” while Tyler Warila was recognized for his “excellent participation during physical education classes.”

In the eighth grade, Celiena DeBalsi shows “the determination necessary to improve academically,” Erika Esielionis is “an excellent leader of the band’s saxophone section” and Hannah Levensailor is a “pleasure and an asset to have in class.” Dylan McGaw is an “extremely conscientious student with a great attitude,” Rodrigo Resendiz is a “very good, polite student” and Andrew St. Germain is known for “his outstanding work all year long.” AMS’s Simone Vaira-Haynes was recognized for “taking responsibility and creating excellent projects in technology” and, last but not least, Naomi Watts is said to be “an inquisitive leaner who is focused and respectful to teachers as well as peers.”

Congratulations to the Ayer Middle School Students of the Second Quarter.