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TOWNSEND — Selectman David Funaiole needs to mount a write-in campaign for office after he failed to get enough signatures for his nomination papers.

Funaiole blames his work schedule for the signature snafu. Funaiole works a full-time job in Manchester, N.H., he said, and a part-time job with the Townsend Post Office.

“I have been running around very busy lately and neglected to gather enough signatures for my papers,” he wrote in a statement.

Townsend requires selectmen candidates to gather a minimum of 35 signatures from registered Townsend voters as part of the process of running for elected office.

Funaiole started serving as a selectman last year when he was appointed to fill the seat left vacant when Maureen Denig stepped down.

Funaiole is torn between his hectic work schedule and his desire to serve the town, he wrote. He thinks many people who would like to serve the community cannot because of the current economy.

“(P)eople are trying to cobble together multiple part-time jobs to keep some sort of income coming in, and it is squeezing available time outside of work that many of them, including myself, can donate toward our community,” he wrote.

Funaiole is encouraging anyone with an interest in the seat to also consider running a write-in campaign for the office.

Also on the ballot:

Board of Assessors, three years: Laura Shifrin, Barker Hill Road

Cemetery and Parks Commission, three years: John Barrett, Highland Street

Board of Health, three years: (vote for one) Christopher Genoter, Maplewood Drive; George Getty, West Meadow Estates Drive

Board of Library Trustees, three years: (vote for two) Suzanne Doust, Hillside Drive; Robert Harrison, Sycamore Drive; Kimberly King, School Street; Patricia Thomas-Jeanig, Old Battery Road; Patricia Robinson, Laurel Woods Drive

Board of Library Trustees, one year: Karin Canfield, School Street

North Middlesex Regional School District Committee: (vote for one) Gerald Copeland, Fox Run; Robert Templeton, Hillside Drive

Planning Board, five years: no candidate

Planning Board, four years: no candidate

Recreation Commission, three years: (vote for two) Richard Corsini, Depot Street.

Trust Fund Commissioner, three years: no candidate

Trustees of Soldiers Memorials, veteran, three years: no candidate

Amanda E. Dwight Entertainment Fund Committee, three years: Susan Gerken, Main Street

Townsend Housing Authority, five years: William Hackler, Warren Road

Board of Water Commissioners, three years: John Caten Jr., Main Street

Townsend voters go to the polls on April 27.

Nashoba staff contributed to this report.

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