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SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents from Monday, Dec. 1 to Monday, Dec. 8

Saturday, Nov. 29

A.M. 12:06, Front and Main streets, traffic stops; 6:33, Front Street, traffic stop, citation; 6:37, Lawton Road, fire alarm, accidental; 8:56, Shaker Road, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 11:59, Catacunemaug Road, domestic disturbance, peace restored.

P.M. 12:43, Ayer Road, break and entering, investigated; 3:59, Lantern Way, well being check; 7:35, Center Road, animal complaint; 8:46, Front Street, traffic top, citation; 9:02, Davis Street, parking complaint, citation; 10:43, Front Street and Briarwood Trailer Park, suspicious persons, gone on arrival.

Sunday, Nov. 30

A.M. 12:06, Leominster and Lancaster roads, traffic stops; 7:15, Hazen Road, motor vehicle lockout; 8:31, Harvard Road and Shirley Funeral Home, animal complaint; 8:47, Main Street and Fidelity Bank, vehicle towed; 10:09, West Main Street, Ayer, assist other police dept.; 10:21, Nonesuch Way, property lost or stolen; 10:29, Windsor Road, property lost or stolen; 11:29, Center Road, traffic stop, citation.

P.M. 1:06, Power outage; 3:19, Lantern Way, assist citizen; 8:11, Great Road and Acme Trailer Park, assist citizens, arrest; 10:06, Center Road, disabled motor vehicle.

Monday, Dec. 1

A.M. 6:16, Great Road and Superior Roofing, burglar alarm, accidental; 6:51, Hospital Road, traffic stop, citation; 8:27, prisoner transported to Fitchburg District Court; 8:44, Lancaster Road, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 9:45, South Street, medical, ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 10:04, Squannacook Road, animal complaint.

P.M. 2:06, Phoenix Street, Great Road, Center Road, fire inspections; 2:40, Walker Road, disabled motor vehicle; 3:39, Lantern Way, officer wanted; 4:45, Lancaster Road, safety hazard; 5:22, Groton Road, medical emergency, ambulance transport to Leominster Hospital; 5:22, Davis Street, service summons; 9:21, Catacunemaug Road, disturbance, noise complaint, gone on arrival; 11:53, Lancaster Road, traffic stop.

Tuesday, Dec. 2

A.M. 1:37, Little Turnpike Road, burglar alarm; 5:22, DPW emergency call; 10:41, Townsend Road, citation; 10:55, Great Road, disabled motor vehicle; 10:56, Great and Townsend Roads, traffic stop, citation; 11:40, Harvard Road, and MCI Shirley, medical, ambulance transport to Leominster Hospital.

P.M. 3:03, Front Street and train station, motor vehicle lockout; 6:18, animal complaint; 7:35, Front Street and M&M Variety, suspicious motor vehicle, traffic stop, arrest; 10:39, police station, animal complaint.

Wednesday, Dec. 3

A.M. 5:47, Leominster Road, traffic stop, citation; 8:33, prisoner transport to Ayer District Court; 8:50, Harvard Road and Shaker Meadows, fire alarm.

P.M. 1:30, Ayer Road, summons served; 2:38, Lantern Way, motor vehicle lockout; 7:10, Lancaster Road, traffic stop; 7:10, Benjamin Road, vandalism; 7:26, Little Turnpike Road, restraining order served; 10:02, Leominster Road and Nitro Dynamics Inc., suspicious motor vehicle; 11:28, Brook Trail Drive, CO detector activation.

Thursday, Dec. 4

A.M. 5:46, Front Street, traffic top, citation; 6:44, same; 7:46, Hill Lane, officer wanted, peace restored; 8:54, Baywoods Drive, investigation; 9:36, Great Road, disabled motor vehicle; 9:43, Shirley Middle School, officer wanted.

P.M. 1:13, Squannacook Road, animal complaint; 3:39, Harvard Road, animal complaint 4:00, Applerock Way, animal complaint; 6:01, Center Road, burglar alarm; 6:37, Center Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury.

Friday, Dec. 5

3:09 to 3:20, Porter Street, three parking complaints, citations issued; 3:25, School Street, four parking complaints; 6:10, Lancaster Road, suspicious person, gone on arrival; 6:17, Parker Road, traffic stop, citation; 5:43, Catacunemaug Road, vandalism, investigated; 6:53, Front Street and train station, vehicle towed, impounded; 7:48, Front Street and M&M Variety, motor vehicle lockout; 1:41, Groton Road, restraining order served; 4:30, Front Street, traffic stop; 5:28, Chapel Street, parking complaint, citation; 11:45, Lancaster Road, traffic stop.

Saturday, Dec. 6

A.M. 12:35, School Street, parking complaint, citation; 12:42, Shaker Road, parking complaint, citation; 9:11, Front Street and barber shop, safety hazard.

P.M. 1:20, Lancaster Road, burglar alarm; 6:29, Phoenix Street, traffic stop, citation; 11:13, Littleton Turnpike Road, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 11:40, Benjamin Road, disturbance, noise complaint, peace restored.

Sunday, Dec. 7

A.M. 5:58, Rodman Avenue, medical; 6:14, Center Road, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 7:19, Groton Road, safety hazard; 7:28, DPW emergency call; 9:25, Holden Road, disabled motor vehicle; 10:16, Lancaster Road, lost or stolen property; 11:20, Mt. Laurel Circle and Lazaro Paving Corp., burglar alarm, defective.

P.M. 3:24, Lancaster Road, Main Street, Fredonian Street, traffic stops; 4:10, Leominster Road, traffic stop; 8:50, Fredonian Street, parking complaint, citation; 10:28, Great Road, suspicious activity, gone on arrival.

Monday, Dec. 8

A.M. 12:45, Church Street, Washington Street, alley View Way, Applerock Way, parking complaints, citations; 9:13, Front and Frost streets, traffic stop.

P.M. 12:14, Devarney Court, property lost or stolen; 1:42, Harvard Road, animal complaint; 5:26, Harvard Road, parking complaint, citation; 8:41, Townsend Road, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 8:47, Front Street, medical, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center.


Sunday, Nov. 30: Erin Joyce, 17, of Leominster, arrested at Acme Trailer Park, Great Road, on warrant.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Christopher Gaudet, 44, Leominster Road, operating a motor vehicle with suspended license.