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DEVENS — Members of the Joint Boards of Selectmen Vicksburg Square Zoning Subcommittee approved the final draft of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of the historic site.

MassDevelopment Real Estate Project Manager Edmund Starzec made subtle changes to the document before presenting it for approval.

The first change was adding mixed-use to the project summary instead of just residential redevelopment, which was suggested by Harvard Planning Board Chairman Joe Sudol at a previous meeting.

Starzec also added a paragraph about parking in the quadrangle complex, suggested by members of the Devens Enterprise Commission (DEC).

“Our goal was to tone down the parking and play up the green,” he said. “We want it to be people first, while recognizing cars will play a significant role.”

DEC had also requested highlighting the stormwater regulations and other government documents a little bit more in the RFP, as well as having the proposals submitted on double-sided paper to reduce the amount of paper used.

Starzec said he was hoping to place the RFP on the Web for advertisement so it would be available for potential developers on Dec. 16.

MassDevelopment will conduct a mandatory pre-submittal briefing and tour of Vicksburg Square on Jan. 12. After the briefing, the deadline for receipt of questions will be Jan. 20 with responses to the questions issued by Jan. 26.

RFPs are due on Feb. 17 with selection and notification of RFP finalists to take place on March 2. The deadline to request supplemental information is March 23 and the interviews with the developer teams will be on April 6 with the hopes of making the recommendation to MassDevelopment Board at their April 9 meeting. Dates are subject to change. — Gayle Simone