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AYER — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Dec. 4 and Wednesday, Nov. 10:

Thursday, Dec. 4

A.M. 12:03, Ayer Oil Company, Westford Road, suspicious activity; 12:42, Adopt-A-Video, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 2:10, citations issued for parking complaints on East Main and Grove streets; 3:20, Myrick Street, general services; 7:43, ambulance sent to Groton; 9:54, Middle-High School, Washington Street, general services; 11:47, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park.

P.M. 12:22, Ambulance sent to Bligh Street; 5:42, East Main Street, vandalism; 8:14, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity; 11:45, Westford Road, suspicious activity.

Friday, Dec. 5

A.M. 12:44, Littleton Road, suspicious activity; 1:11, Library, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 1:43, citations issued for parking complaints on Nashua, Groton, Lawton and Cambridge streets; 7:59, Highland Avenue, burglary, breaking and entering.

P.M. 1:33, Ambulance sent to Jonathan Drive; 2:05, ambulance sent to Littleton; 3:19, ambulance sent to Littleton; 5:07, Victor Drive, general services; 7:03, West Main Street, family disturbance.

Saturday, Dec. 6

A.M. 12:54, Ayer Moving and Storage Co. Inc., Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 1:06, Horn Packaging Corp., Westford Road, suspicious activity; 2:54, citation issued for parking complaint on Main Street; 5:06, P.N. Laggis Co., Main Street, alarm; 5:31, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 5:36, Middle-High School, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 7:03, Atherton Street, burglary, breaking and entering; 8:18, David E, Ross Associates, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 10:37, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity.

P.M. 3:54, Fire truck sent to Harvard for mutual aid; 8:54, ambulance sent to Markham Circle; 9:04, Sandy Pond Road, general disturbance; 9:31, Pearl Street, traffic violation, arrest made.

Sunday, Dec. 7

A.M. 1:23, Willard Street, suspicious activity; 4:37, Dan’s Place, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:47, citation issued for parking complaint on Holmes Street; 7:46, ambulance sent to Pond Street; 9:18, Nashoba Cable Television, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 11:10, Shanklin Corp., Westford Road, alarm.

P.M. 12:13, Willard Street, general services; 4:25, Library, East Main Street, general services; 5:01, West Main Street, disturbance; 6:59, ambulance sent to Atherton Street; 8:50, ambulance sent to Shirley; 9:54, Willard Street, general offenses.

Monday, Dec. 8

A.M. 12:51, Bishop Road, alarm; 5:13, P.N. Laggis Co., Main Street, alarm; 7:28, Washington Street, traffic control; 8:50, Patriot Way, suspicious activity; 10:13, Caza Manor Hotel, East Main Street, assist other agencies.

P.M. 3:46, Willard Street, general services; 5:25, Middle-High School, Washington Street, assist citizen; 6:46, Atherton Street, incapacitated person.

Tuesday, Dec. 9

A.M. 1:30, Copeland Drive, assist citizen; 1:54, Rubbair Door, Groton Shirley Road, suspicious activity; 1:58, David E. Ross Associates, suspicious activity; 2:04, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 9:56, Ayer Motor Inn, Fitchburg Road, assist other agencies; 9: 37, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 10:33, Page Hilltop School, Washington Street, larceny.

P.M. 3:59, High Street, assist citizen; 5:54, Westford Road, general services; 8:09, Hibiscus Lane, general services; 8:28, Littleton Road, larceny; 11:32, Jack O’Lantern liquors, Littleton Road, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, Dec. 10

A.M. 1:22, Bubble-It Laundromat, Park Street, suspicious activity; 1:31, citations issued for parking complaints on Willard and Grove streets; 9:20, Pearl Street, general services; 9:55, ambulance sent to Littleton; 11:48, Markham Circle, suspicious activity.

P.M. 12:03, Ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 2:24, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 3:22, L3 Essco, Nemco Way, general services; 4:10, Old Towne Village, Old Town Road, general disturbance; 4:14, Grosvenor Street, animal complaint; 7:00, ambulance sent to Shirley.


Saturday, Dec. 6: Timothy J. Hammond II, 21, of Lunenburg, charged with operating under the influence of liquor, drinking alcohol from an open container in a motor vehicle and disturbing the peace.