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Motor Vehicle Accident

A single-vehicle crash occurred on Brown Road Friday morning, Dec. 5. According to the accident report, the driver – a Clinton man – told police he’d felt dizzy while driving and went off the road, hitting a tree. The driver did not appear to have been injured in the crash, Officer Gregory Newman said, but he was transported by ambulance to UMass Medical Center in Worcester as a medical precaution. Speed was apparently not a factor in the incident and no citation was issued. The vehicle was towed.

Fire Calls

An Old Shirley Road resident who was doing some work on his home Saturday afternoon, Dec. 6, apparently started a small fire in the eaves of the house, which was quickly extinguished. In addition to the Harvard Fire department, which cleared the scene in a matter of minutes, crews from Ayer and Littleton also responded.

The Fire Department also responded to a call at a West Bare Hill Road residence late Saturday night, Dec. 6., but there was no structure fire. As it turned out, smoke in the garage had come from a fireplace damper that was closed when it should have been open.

A shed behind a barn at a Littleton Road resident burned down Sunday night, Dec. 7. The shed – which was located a safe distance from other structures – was "fully involved" when firefighters arrived shortly after 10 p.m., Officer Gregory Newman said. Although nobody was injured, six chickens in the shed were lost in the blaze, he said.

Signs, Mailboxes Vandalized

Vandals apparently downed several road and street signs and residential mailboxes throughout town last week, Officer Gregory Newman said, including a street sign and mailbox that were found in the road in the area of Stow and Finn roads Sunday morning.

Others were found knocked down the same day- probably by a vehicle – on Ayer and Pinnacle roads and on Myrick Lane, he said. And a stop sign was down at the intersection of Pinnacle and Old Littleton roads.

More signs were found knocked down Monday, including a speed limit sign on Bolton Road and another sign on Babbitt Lane.

The DPW was called to reset the signs, Officer Newman said, traffic signs first.

Suspicious Activity

Several vehicles spotted on the side of Ayer Road Sunday afternoon were reported to police but the people who had pulled over were only looking for a church in Ayer, Officer Newman said. Police found the group the Citgo station and gave them directions.

Firefighters Rescued Horse Stuck in the Mud

A horse broke through the frozen surface of mucky, exposed bottom in a drained area of Bare Hill Pond at the town beach Saturday morning, Dec. 6 and got stuck, but the animal was saved by Harvard firefighters.

The incident made headlines in the region over the weekend and even earned a spot on the TV news.

The horse, named Flashy, belongs to Ted Van Heusen, who later told the television news reporter that the animal had sustained a few scratches, but is otherwise alright.

Despite some visible swelling on one leg, Flashy looked just fine a short time after firefighters fashioned a sling – in part with from fire hoses – and hauled the animal out.

Extricating a scared animal much larger and stronger than they are requires care and caution, but Fire Chief Bob Mignard said his firefighters know the drill and nobody got hurt. However, it was a messy job for one firefighter in particular, who had to lay down in the mud to slide the sling under the horse, Mignard said.

The water level of the pond is drawn down every season as a weed control measure.

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