HARVARD — The Police, Fire and Ambulance departments responded to the following incidents from Tuesday, Dec. 2 to Monday, Dec. 8:

Tuesday, Dec. 2

A.M. 9:28, Cameron Road, suspicious activity, parked vehicle, occupant was an insurance adjuster who arrived early for appointment; 11:23, Fairbanks Street, request to speak to police officer, resident reported mail she’d received might be a scam.

P.M. 1:50, Depot Road, plow parts stolen from highway garage earlier, investigation ongoing; 1:53, Ayer Road, medical, elderly woman transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center at request of Nashoba Nursing Service; 10:51, town center, traffic stop.

Wednesday, Dec. 3

A.M. 2:28, Littleton County Road, Fire Dept. call, downed tree pulled wires off house; 6:40, Mass Avenue and Boxboro town line, mutual aid, Boxboro police requested stand-by while disabled vehicle towed; 7:00, Simon Atherton Way, domestic incident, juvenile arrest.

P.M. 2:20, Poor Farm and Littleton roads, disabled motor vehicle; 10:28, Ayer Road and Harvard Bowling Lanes, suspicious motor vehicle, parked in front of drop-off box.

Thursday, Dec. 4

A.M. 5:24, Myrick Lane, Fire Dept. call, alarm company reported carbon monoxide alarm activated, checked and cleared; 6:13, Fairbanks Street and Old Littleton Road, traffic stop; 6:51, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 9:00, Mass Avenue and Bromfield, medical, teacher felt ill but refused ambulance; 9:16, Pond Road, traffic stop.

P.M. 2:52, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 5:54 to 6:39, Mass Avenue, six traffic stops; 7:34, Old Littleton Road, summons service; 10:32, town beach, parked motor vehicle; 11:42, Prospect Hill Road, residential lockout, Fire Dept. called to help.

Friday, Dec. 5

A.M. 7:00, Brown Road, motor vehicle accident; 11:30, Westcott Road, residential alarm.

P.M. 4:35, Cleaves Hill Road, suspicious activity, young boy called police, heard gunshots (it is deer season), nothing found; 5:56, Depot Road, burglar alarm.

Saturday, Dec. 6

A.M. Littleton Road, police requested, welfare check; 2:35, Ayer Road, parked vehicle; 7:30, Babbitt Lane, animal control, stray cows, owner contacted; 9:18, town beach, Fire Dept. call, extricated stuck horse.

P.M. 3:50, Old Shirley Road, Fire Dept. call; 9:23, Ayer Road, commercial burglar alarm; 10:20, West Bare Hill Road, Fire Dept. call.

Sunday, Dec. 7

A.M. 6:08, DPW called out to sand roads; 7:05, Stow and Finn roads, traffic hazard.

P.M. 12:00, Withington Lane, mailbox vandalism; 12:11, Ayer Road, check open door, residential; 5:00, Ayer Road, suspicious motor vehicles; 6:35, Pinnacle and Old Littleton roads, DPW called out to replace sign that was knocked over; 7:08, police station, summons service; 10:08, Littleton Road, fire; 10:30, Bolton Road, resident called police, said she heard loud explosion, nothing found; 11:47, Slough Road, residential alarm.

Monday, Dec. 8

A.M. 6:38, Bolton and Slough Roads, traffic stop; 7:07, Bolton Road, traffic stop; 8:00, Bolton Road and Babbitt Lane, signs knocked down; 11:06, Simon Atherton Row, medical emergency, elderly woman fell, lift assist, ambulance transport refused; 11:22, Westcott Road, residential burglar alarm.

P.M. 12:30, Depot Road, general service; 5:38, Stow Road, message delivery; 9:43, Old Littleton and Whitney roads, motor vehicle struck deer, some damage to vehicle, animal control officer called to euthanize injured deer.


Wednesday, Dec. 3: Male juvenile, charged with domestic abuse, booked at Harvard Police Station, transported to Worcester Juvenile Court for arraignment, released to custody of parents.