Lip Sync raises over $3,000 for Ayer Education Foundation


AYER — The Ayer Education Foundation (AEF) is thrilled to announce that its fourth annual lip sync show raised over $3,000 to benefit educational enrichment programs in Ayer Public Schools.

The lip sync was held on Sat., Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Ayer High School auditorium. Over 100 students, parents and teachers participated in 30 acts ranging from The Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne to Nancy Sinatra and Broadway musicals.

“I am amazed at the enthusiasm of the performers,” said Sue DeBassio, Lip Sync producer. “They rocked that auditorium with an energy level I had never seen before, and not just while they were on stage. Every seat in the house shook!

“The kids of Ayer know how to entertain a crowd and how to support each other while doing it,” she said. “They pour their hearts into this show and you can see it in their eyes when they are on stage, under those lights, uninhibited, giving it all they’ve got!

“I thank the kids (and adults) who performed so brilliantly in this year’s show. They were really shining stars,” said DeBassio.

“I have been a fifth-grade teacher in Ayer for six years, and some of my greatest memories with my students center around the AEF Annual Lip Sync Show,” said Julie Tobin, grade 5 language arts/science teacher. “Every year we have a blast, picking the music, choreographing our show, practicing, and performing as a team. Undoubtedly, the students who I perform with every year form a special bond with both me and each other. I am beyond grateful for the memories I have made with my students during the lip sync shows.”

Tobin added, “Moreover, the AEF has changed our school. Teachers can dream “BIG” for their students, and the AEF has made so many wonderful things happen for our students and for our school. We live and work in a small town, and one group, the AEF, has done wonders for the students of the past, present and future.”

“Lip sync is amazing! I have done it with my friend for the last three years. It is great because kids can get up there and have fun, and if they make a mistake, so what. Lip sync is just for fun, it isn’t a contest and that’s what makes it amazing!” shared Kristen Bremer, a fifth-grader at Page Hilltop School.

“This show, and the community involvement surrounding it, makes me grateful as both a teacher and a parent to be part of this town,” said Amy Martone, grade 7 math teacher. She performed in the lip sync with colleagues Rachel Fletcher (Ayer Middle School music teacher) and Marcy Dodge (grade 7 science teacher). “Sue does an amazing job putting it all together, the AEF does a fantastic job supporting our schools and the kids are clearly benefiting on many levels. Thank you to all involved!”

“I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the show possible, especially Doug Becker and his APAC team and the members of the Ayer Education Foundation — Katrina Folger, Sheila Kelly, John Kilcommins, Katie Scheve, Kevin Bresnahan, Michele Granger, Paula Gravelle, Heidi Hynes, Maureen Kilcommins, and Dr. Leslie Adams Lariviere,” said DeBassio.

This is the fourth consecutive year that DeBassio has produced the lip sync show on behalf of the Ayer Education Foundation.

About AEF

The Ayer Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is supported by donations from individuals, businesses and organizations committed to improving the quality of education in the Ayer Massachusetts School District. Through a granting process, the Ayer Education Foundation disperses the tax-deductible donations to create specific new programs and professional training aimed at enriching the education of the 1,300 students in Ayer Public Schools. Since its inception in 2004, the AEF has awarded 85 educational enrichment grants that support or extend the curriculum at Page Hilltop School and Ayer Middle-High School. The Ayer Education Foundation may be contacted via phone at 978-772-8600 ext. 143 or mail at P.O. Box 502, Ayer MA, 01432. Visit the AEF online at