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It is now Oct. 30 I left the U.S. exactly two months ago today and boy, does it feel good! Not the fact that I had to leave, of course, but the fact that I’m one third of the way through.

The days are growing shorter and the air is colder. It’s about 90 during the day and 40 at night now. I know quite a gap.

Fortunately, I get off work at midnight and I don’t have to feel the worst of it. I am not looking forward to winter.

One of the soldiers that work with us (who has been here for two years, of his own accord) told me we will get about a foot of snow here. That just officially made it the worse environment on Earth.

Ironically, as the weather gets colder we have been a lot busier. The days are hectic but seem to fly by. One of the interesting things about the job is the building that my unit is in. When the U.S. invaded this area back in 2001, my building was one of the last strongholds the Taliban had. They shut themselves up in there and U.S. Army Rangers had to go in and take them out. Needless to say, they did.

What they left behind are bullet holes all over the walls and ceilings. For some reason, they left the building the same way it was when we took over. It’s kind of an eerie reminder of the fight that took place over seven years ago. That is the first comment we get when people enter the building.

They recently opened a Burger King on camp. It is not a full blown NK though. They only serve Chicken Sandwiches and Whoppers. It is nice to have, though. It provides more a psychological benefit than anything. It reminds us of and tastes like home, and we value anything that can do that. That is why they put it there , or so I believe.

The election is coming up in a week and it appears to be pretty close at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens, especially since I will have another commander in chief for the second half of my deployment.

I heard about an earthquake in Pakistan yesterday that killed over 150 people. I felt it, actually. Pakistan is not too far from where I am. I was sitting on my bed and felt it start to sway. I stood up and realized the whole building was moving. It was the oddest feeling. I have only experienced one other earthquake in my entire life.

Well, that Is all for now.

Sgt. Andrew Walsh is a North Middlesex Regional High School graduate who grew up in Pepperell.

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