Suspicious activity

and false alarms

A Willard Lane resident reported Wednesday morning, Nov. 12 that a suspicious vehicle was parked in her neighborhood with its trunk open. It turned out to be a town firefighter who had been walking his dog in the area, said Officer Kim Murphy.

* An Ayer Road resident reported that same day that a man had rung the doorbell two days earlier but left before she answered the door. A resident who noticed a vehicle driving through the neighborhood two days in a row provided a license plate number to police, which was recorded.

* Mass State Police notified Harvard police on Friday, Nov. 14 to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles near the Route 2 off-ramp, where people have apparently been targeting road signs with slingshots. Officer Gregory Newman is investigating.

* On Friday, Nov. 14 a Westcott Road resident reported loud noises in the upstairs of his home. The sounds apparently came from nearby Devens, where military training was in progress.

* A resident came to the police station Saturday afternoon, Nov. 15 to report that tire lug nuts were missing from his vehicle. He was apparently concerned that the nuts might have been removed while it was parked overnight, in an attempt to steal the tires. He was advised to be on the lookout for any other suspicious activity and to report it to police.

* The Harvard ambulance responded to an accident on Route 2 westbound on Saturday night, Nov. 15 but medical assistance was refused by the occupants of the vehicle, which had hit a guardrail.

Traffic complaints

The police dispatcher received an e-mail message Friday morning, Nov. 14 that complained of vehicles speeding off Route 2 and into the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot on Ayer Road. A separate speeding complaint that day noted that a male driver had made a rude gesture to a female driver, but it was not clear what precipitated the behavior.

* A caller on Friday, Nov. 14 reported that a vehicle was parked in a fire lane at the Foxglove apartment complex on Ayer Road, but it seems there’s not much police can do about it. The parking lot is private property and it wouldn’t be prudent to tow the vehicle unless there was an emergency situation that required it, Officer Kim Murphy said. In any case, the police don’t have the authority to issue parking tickets on private property, she added.

Parking lot


Concrete stands that once held light poles in the parking lot of the business plaza on Ayer Road are now minus the lights and poles are bent to the ground or missing. The objects are difficult to see and motorists hit them, as someone did Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 12 damaging its undercarriage. The driver was not injured.


On Wednesday night, Nov. 12, someone test-riding a bike at the DPW facility on Depot Road was told to leave by police, while a Cleaves Hill Road resident complained that construction equipment that’s been working at a neighbor’s home was blocking her driveway and had scraped the road. Police responded but found no equipment there.

Vehicle break

A Realtor showing a home on Sherry Road noticed that a vehicle parked on the property had been broken into and contacted police. The house was intact, however, with no indication of any attempted break-in. A couple of weeks ago, several vehicles were broken into in the same area and a vehicle that had been stolen elsewhere was found abandoned on Sherry Road. All of the incidents are under investigation, Officer Murphy said.

Search warrant,

arrest warrant

Harvard police joined with police from other towns to execute a search warrant at an Ayer residence on Thursday, Nov. 13 and an arrest warrant has been issued for the resident, who is a suspect in the case. The search and the warrant are related to an ongoing investigation of motor vehicle thefts in the area over the last few weeks, Officer Murphy said, including one vehicle stolen from Harvard and another that was abandoned in Harvard. A second search of the residence was conducted on Saturday, Nov. 15.

An arrest is expected soon, and more information will be released after that, Murphy said.