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PEPPERELL — They didn’t know each other in school but a circle of acquaintances, meeting once per month in Lawrence Library’s history room, is becoming increasingly comfortable with each other, brought together by a common interest — knitting.

Some may envision the stereotypical grandmother in her rocking chair, glasses down on her nose as she knits a sweater, but these participants are young and vibrant, ranging from middle school to high school age.

The Lawrence Library knitting group meets from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month, shepherded by library page Jessica Lewis. A North Middlesex Regional High School (NMRHS) senior, Lewis conceived the idea as a means to allow teens to do something totally apart from everything else in their lives.

“It’s a social time for people who know how to knit,” she said.

Lewis also runs a business, Scarves by Jessica, but also knits for fun. She set up group activities to include a raffle of knitting books and food time for bring-your-own enjoyment.

Last week was costume night. Lewis arrived as Queen Victoria, NMRHS junior Tatum Berardi came as Link from Legend of Zelda, junior Caleigh Thielbar was a vampire, and sophomores Audrey Lambert, Anastasia Lowe and Emily Kearns were, respectively, a pirate, a witch and a nurse.

NMRHS junior Sasha Donohue was dressed as a pirate and her sister, Tia, a seventh-grader at Nissitissit Middle School, dressed as a fairy. Senior Sarah Rzewnicki dressed as a young business professional.

Lewis said most conversation focuses around the art and love of knitting but as the group grows more comfortable with each other, the conversation changes. It is, after all, only an hour-and-a-half long.

Lewis asked each participant what’s best about the group.

“Getting together and people talking,” Rzewnicki said.

“Fun,” Lambert added.

“I never have enough time to knit at home. It’s fun with people and meeting new acquaintances,” Lowe said.

Kearns said she never knits at home. Thielbar likes the relaxed atmosphere.

“I never find people in the hobby. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, and it’s wicked fun,” Tia Donohue said.

“Personally, I like the food,” Sasha Donohue said. “I never knit at home. Sweet.”

Lewis said she started knitting when she was studying karate. “All the mom’s were knitting. I know it’s hard at school,” she said.

Interested participants may contact assistant library director Tina McEvoy. Signs are posted and there is a registration link on the Lawrence Library Web site.