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Motorists driving along Route 13 near the Lunenburg/Townsend line were seen stopping in droves last weekend to view a moose which was harvested the day before. The huge bull moose was taken by Rick Lecuyer and his wife, Debbie. Dozens of folks who had never seen a moose, or hunters like me who have always wanted to get a moose, stopped by and took some snapshots and then headed down to road.

Rick and Debbie had put in for one of the coveted moose permits given out each year by the state of New Hampshire’s Division of Fish and Game. In fact, only 100 non-resident permits were issued, with Rick getting one. Debbie was listed as a sub-permittee, meaning she could shoot the moose if Rick wanted her to or if Rick was unavailable to hunt this past week, then she could hunt and get the moose in his stead.

They drew the permit for the southwestern section of the state and the pair hunted many hours before a moose was spotted. The hope was that Debbie would be the shooter, but as luck would have it the moose came out in front of Rick at over 100 yards and he took the shot. The sound of his .308 echoed and the bull was his, all 685 pounds of it. The live weight was estimated at 900 pounds, before field dressing.

After the bull was shot, a phone call was made to family members Justin and Randy Lecuyer, not just to tell them about their great fortune but as a plea for help! Once that trigger is pulled, the real work begins. The work here is getting a 900-pound moose out of the woods and to the check station. This took several hours and with the help of a block and tackle back home, the moose was hoisted up at the barn.

This was a great moose, which will yield hundreds of meals rich in protein for months to come. Congrats to all of them. Just getting the permit was huge but to get a moose — what a bonus!