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When Scott Mahle thinks of people who have had a major impact on his life, he always envisions past teachers that he has had. As the new eighth-grade English/Language Arts teacher at the Ayer Middle-High School, he hopes that he can be a positive influence in the lives of his students in the same way that his former teachers managed to inspire him.

Both of Mahle’s parents taught school and coached sports when he was growing up, so it was no surprise that he attended and graduated from St. Peter’s College in New Jersey on a tennis and football scholarship. After graduation, he spent a year in Manchester, England. “I loved the experience of absorbing a foreign culture, but eventually had to come back home to continue my scholastic education,” Mahle said.

Upon returning to the states, Mahle was hired as a Graduate Assistant at Gannon University in Penna. while earning his master’s degree in English literature there. Eight years later, Mahle found himself still at Gannon as he had worked his way up to Assistant Director of Residence Life. “The job at first felt a lot like teaching as much of my job was to provide programming and counsel to students living at the university,” he said.

Toward the end of his tenure at Gannon, Mahle’s wife was offered a job in Mass., and he made the choice to switch to the career that he had always intended to enter – education.

Mahle is excited to be instructing students at the eighth-grade level and feels that “each student is working hard here at making the transition from childhood to young adulthood.” He added, “There is a boundless energy and inquisitiveness at this level that is often absent at other ages, and I hope to use that curiosity to help engage students in the learning process.”