Rash of break-ins might be tied to others in the area


HARVARD — Two break-ins in town last week might be related, according to police, and they might be connected to dozens of similar crimes that have cut a wide swath across the eastern part of the state over the last month.

On Friday, Oct. 31, police responded to a residence on West Bare Hill Road at about 3:30 p.m. A teenage resident reported that the house had been broken into and that several items were stolen, including a flat-screen TV, a new Xbox game system and jewelry. The estimated value of the stolen goods is $12,000, Officer Gregory Newman said.

The boy’s parents were not at home at the time and he had called friends and other family members before notifying the police, Newman said.

A canvass of the neighborhood produced no witnesses, Newman said. Although it’s doubtful that the stolen items will turn up, police will be on the lookout for them, he said. Possibilities include pawn shops, which by law must ask to see an ID when a transaction takes place.

The thieves apparently gained entry through an unlocked door.

On Sunday, Nov. 2, a house-sitter returned to a home on Park Lane to find that it had been broken into and ransacked, she told police. The thieves had taken a 20-inch flat-screen TV but the woman could not say whether other items were stolen. The homeowners are away on vacation and may be able to provide a complete list when they return, Newman said. There was no indication of how the thieves got into the house, he added.

Harvard police are working with other departments to form a task force to investigate the burglaries, Newman said. — M.E. Jones