U6 Kixx vs Comets

For the Kixx, Katie Cinquegrano, Matthew Collins, Duff Crochiere, Gordon Crochiere, Matthew Lynch, Casey McCarthy and Townsend Southard Pantano all scored goals while Ryan Bettencourt, Francesca Cronin, Shelby Kirk, Townsend Southard Pantano, Kendall Sullivan, Matthew Lynch, Mathew Collins and Casey McCarthy all provided assists. Defensively it was Ryan Bettencourt, Matthew Collins, Matthew Lynch and Casey McCarthy who stole the ball and broke up several Comets’ scoring opportunities.

Cougars vs. Charge

In their last game the Cougars were all fired up offensively with multiple goals from Mallory York, Emma Chase and Evan Fisette. Adding goals were Juliana Boucek, Aine Murphy and Sean Hayward. These opportunities would have occurred without great passes from Ethan Marple. The defense was strong with great plays by Mathew McGowan, Charles Misail and Ashley Regan. The coaches would like to thank the players for their hard work and energy.

Team Charge got great hustling and dribbling by Theresa McDevitt, Olivia Troiano, Caelyn Waite and Shawn Burson helped teammates Nicholas Diette, Gavin Ippolito, Jack Nordhougen and Dylan Troiano score several goals. Strong shooting by Isabelle Hallisey and great efforts by Paige Ventura and Liam Reed.

U8 Fire VS Phantoms

The Fire received goals from Jordan Hasbrouck, Kaelah Marr, Owen Marr and Jessie Sullivan. Awesome passing and dribbling came from Caleb Amidon, Cecilia Cronin, Madelyn Driscoll and Jacob Marr. Ever improving footwork was displayed by Madelyn Driscoll, Cecilia Cronin, Kaelah Marr, Evelyn Pep and Jordan Hasbrouck. Olivia Miller, Evelyn Pepe and Ethan Reed also played outstanding defense. Showing great hustle by attacking the ball were Damien Sheldon, Jessie Sullivan, Caleb Amidon and Owen Marr. Jacob Marr, Olivia Miller, Ethan Reed and Damien Sheldon seemed tireless, continually taking the ball away from the other team and blocking shots.

Blast vs. Strikers

The Blast played well in their final game of the season. Daniel Knapp and Edward Kozloski and Jillian Coakley did a great job passing and hustling around the field. Darien Ackerman, Tallon Craver, Ava Panaccione, Brian DiCicco showed great defensive plays and blocked some shots on the goal. Amanda Nett, Samantha Nett and Devin Hasbrouck all had several goals.

U10 United

Conner Griffiths scored two of the three amazing goals for United. Everyone had terrific passes and played very well. Parker Lane showed great moves and fancy footwork. Emma Kinney’s drag backs and Alexandra Powers getting around all the players on the opposing team and scoring the first goal in the first quarter. Carianne Deacon and Grayce Kinney were great goalkeepers with many saves. Brianna Thomas and Megan Friary were able to make some good passes and set up some goals. Kristiana Albert, Ben Mcmaster and Savannah Vasel all had good passes and hustled to the goal.

Bulldogs vs. Breakers

Joshua LeBlanc and James Kimball led the team with multiple scores each. Ryan McGrath added a goal while Abbey Delaney and Amanda Marcoux were close to having goals of their own. Madeline Doyle and Gabriella Doyle both displayed aggressiveness in offensive and defensive support. Cameron Frechette, Kendra Faxon and Neris Archambault hustled throughout while Ryan Tomasini. Sarah Murphy and Alexandra Bellamere displayed great dribbling skills.


After the first quarter ended without a goal, Liam LaCourse and Lillian Fraser Gray teamed up to score the team’s first goal. Both added a goal later in the game. Ben Lambright put on a dribbling clinic, weaving through the opposing team’s defenders and scoring on a shot from 20 feet out. Jessica Tine successfully shielded the ball under pressure and moved up the field to score shortly afterwards. Piper Sullivan blocked a shot and hustled with the ball to score a goal of her own. Justin Marr and Aaron Crouse helped the team with tremendous teamwork and ball control. Julie Crouse fired the ball up the field for an assist on a goal scored by Alexander Dunsmoor. Rachel Drahusz turned a steal at mid field in to a goal.

BU10 Crusaders Vs. Westboro

In their final game of the season, the Crusaders came together and demonstrated many of the skills they have been working on this season. The forward line of Noah Bestgen, Jimmie Harkins, and Nicholas Cerone Kept the Westboro keeper on alert with a strong passing game and a combined six shots on net. Christopher Kimball demonstrated strong dribbling and passing skills as he worked with teammates to move the ball up and down the field. Adam Koretsky, Ashton Gray and Derek Pinkerton all made many strong defensive plays and kept the ball away from the Pepperell net. A great offensive play set up by the forward line of Brendan Cerone, Nicholas Cerone and Max Phoenix resulted in a goal by Phoenix. Derek Pinkerton and Noah Bestgen each had time and net and made many great saves.

GU12 United

The United U12 girls team put in a superb team effort last week against Littleton. Early in the game, Hadley Beauregard put the team on the score board. Before the game was over, Gianna DiAmbrosio, Hannah Nolan and Lauren Wiley all put balls in the net as well. Maddie Koutrouba and Jessica Lutz each contributed assists, had multiple shots on goal and were highly effective in keeping the ball at the offensive end of the field. Beauregard, Cathryn Buckley and Grace Young continued to demonstrate their great passing skills and endurance as they tirelessly ran up and down the field in both defensive and offensive positions. Sarah David kept control in goal the first half and showed great hustle in the backfield during the second half. After being sidelined with an injury for a few weeks, Leah Hannon returned as strong as ever and was a significant factor for the defense.