The American electorate took a historic step on Tuesday and for the first time elected a president whose roots combine Caucasian and African blood. Like our society, he is of mixed race.

For some, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama spoke their language, echoing a Democratic platform in which they steadfastly believe.

For others, he represents the change so many desperately seek.

As is the practice in Presidential elections, both key candidates promised to resolve all of America’s ills. And we know, there are many.

So, good luck, Mr. President-elect. You have our votes; you have our attention.

And you have our faith that the America of which you spoke will uphold her rightful place, here at home, and in a troubled world.

Here we go again

Joint Boards of Selectmen Chairman Leo Blair, of Harvard, told his fellow JBOS members last week about a private meeting he attended with Rick Montuori, MassDevelopment executive vice president. Attendance at that meeting was by invitation only and the list was short. There were no minutes kept.

The matter at hand was discussion of two unexpected developers who have approached MassDevelopment with ideas for developing Vicksburg Square. The report was far from complete and left many questions.

At the same JBOS meeting, Harvard Selectman Lucy Wallace suggested the creation of a working group to work closely with MassDevelopment.

It seems that we have been here before — hearing about meetings briefly and second-hand and creating yet another working group to work in private with MassDevelopment.

Devens is too important to too many people to return to the closet. The idea of a few key people “in the know,” with everyone else guessing, is disrespectful to everyone involved.

Keep the process in the open and those planning Devens’ future are more likely to succeed next time, whereas last time, you failed.