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HARVARD — The Police, Fire and Ambulance departments responded to the following incidents from Tuesday, Oct. 28 to Monday, Nov. 3:

Tuesday, Oct. 28

A.M. 7:40, Stow and Eldridge roads, traffic stop; 9:33, police station, request to speak to officer; 9:50, Pond Road and town beach, suspicious motor vehicle, someone working on town well.

P.M. 2:53, Still River Road, past motor vehicle versus deer accident reported, minor damage to vehicle, animal galloped off; 9:35, Woodside Road, suspicious persons, report of flashlights sweeping across conservation land, police figured it was hunters, not found; 11:01, Ayer Road and town line, traffic stop; 11:24, Ayer and Old Shirley roads, disabled vehicle.

Wednesday, Oct. 29

A.M. 10:39, Still River and West Bare Hill roads, alert by Bolton police to be on lookout for erratic operator, red Honda Civic, not found in Harvard.

P.M. 2:34, South Shaker Road, officer spotted smoke rising from behind building, it was from a chimney; 3:07, Still River and Under Pin Hill roads, traffic stop; 3:44, Old Littleton Road, political signs reported stolen from resident’s property; 5:40, Mass Avenue and pumping station, open door, light on inside, contractor who had been doing maintenance contacted to close it; 9:31, Route 2 off-ramp, traffic hazard, tire, not found; 11:54, Ayer Road and town line, assist Ayer police, alarm at Citgo station.

Thursday, Oct. 30

A.M. 9:54, Cell phone found at general store, silver-gray Motorola/Verizon. Owner may pick it up at police station; 5:39, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 6:40, Slough Road, resident reported suspicious bag on porch, police found it contained Halloween candy; 9:08, Littleton County and Cleaves Hill roads, disabled motor vehicle; 9:30, Ayer Road and bank plaza, traffic stop; 9:40, Littleton Road and Millers Auto, citizen whose car had broken down transported to garage where tow truck took it; 9:40, Ayer Road, traffic stop.

Friday, Oct. 31

A.M. 1:04, Ayer Road, medical emergency, ambulance requested for woman who had fallen but she refused transport; 10:00, South Shaker Road, medical, woman short of breath, transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Ayer; 10:41, police station, property in safekeeping returned; 11:28, Ayer Road, request to speak to officer, money scam.

P.M. 3:28, West Bare Hill Road, burglary reported; 6:03, Poor Farm Road, residential burglar alarm; 11:08, 11:38, South Shaker Road and cemetery, two traffic stops.

Saturday, Nov. 1

A.M. 2:36, Blanchard Road, suspicious activity; 4:21, Littleton County Road, tree in road; 8:53, Whitney Lane, stolen vehicle recovered; 11:45, police station, request to speak to officer.

P.M. 2:45, Sherry Road and Boxborough town line, stolen vehicle recovered; 3:11, Ayer Road, alarm sounding; 5:29, Tahanto Trail, suspicious motor vehicle parked at empty cottage belongs to owner; 5:57, Bolton Road, parked vehicles; 7:19, Ayer Road, vandalism; 8:44, South Shaker Road and cemetery, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:17, Ayer Road, parked vehicles.

Sunday, Nov. 2

A.M. 12:38, Ayer Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 3:32, Ayer and Old Shirley roads, traffic stop; 4:42, Park Lane, past burglary reported.

Monday, Nov. 3

A.M. 1:36, Stow Road, suspicious activity; 6:49, Prospect Hill Road, traffic stop; 7:10, Route 2 westbound, state police reported vehicle fire, emergency personnel responded, not found; 7:17, Haskell Lane, fire call; 7:28, Bolton and Barton roads, traffic stop; 8:18, Mass Avenue near Boxborough town line, tree hanging over road; 10:01, Littleton Road, police officer requested; 10:01, Bromfield, officer requested.

P.M. 12:48, Pond Road and beach, medical, alarm box pulled, ambulance responded, reset it; 3:27, police station request to speak to officer; 11:06, general store; 11:47, Littleton Road, disturbance.

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