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GROTON — The Police, Ambulance and Fire departments responded to the following incidents:

Thursday, Oct. 23

A.M. 12:06, 12:15,1:50, Chicopee Row, Main Street, Lowell Road, area checks; 8:23, Boston, Augustine roads, accident, property damage; 9:20, Boston Road, registration, inspection; 9:30, Boston Road, 911 hangup; 11:27, Mill Street, speeding.

P.M. 1:13, 1:17, Old Ayer Road, speeding; 2:53, Main, West streets, speeding; 3:47, Nashua Road, domestic related; 4:37, Chicopee Row, vehicle lockout; 5:37, Boston Road, ongoing investigation; 6:46, Main Street, accident, property damage; 9:01, Loomis Lane, fire.

Friday, Oct. 24

A.M. 10:24, Main Street, fire; 8:09, 8:23, 8:46, 9:02, Main Street, Boston Road, speeding; 9:16, Whitman Road, 911 hangup; 9:36, assist Shirley PD; 10:14, Indian Hill Road, fire alarm.

P.M. 1:27, Sandy Pond Road, business alarm; 2:24, Hill Road, fraud; 4:50, Main, School streets, accident, property damage; 6:25, Maplewood Avenue, attempt to serve papers; 6:34, Boston Road, attempt to serve papers; 7:18, Spaulding Lane, residential alarm; 8:28, Lowell, Schoolhouse roads, speeding; 8:56, Boston, Forge Village roads, drug possession; 9:55, Main Street, business alarm.

Saturday, Oct. 25

A.M. 12:56, Main Street, vandalism; 2:14, Boston Road, business alarm; 8:09, Castle Drive, Pepperell Road, shooting complaint.

P.M. 1:41, Main Street, 911 hangup; 8:43, Boston Road, residential alarm.

Sunday, Oct. 26

A.M. 9:42, Main Street, business alarm; 9:49, Main Street, vandalism; 9:51, Boston Road, accident, property damage; 10:38, Main, School streets, accident, property damage.

P.M. 1:26, Pepperell Road, 911 hangup; 2:06, Boston Road, vehicle lockout; 3:45, Boston Road, business alarm; 6:40, Main Street, business alarm; 9:41, assist Ayer PD.

Monday, Oct. 27

A.M. 6:57, Cypress Road, hunting complaint; 8:44, Townsend Road, attempt to serve papers; 9:08, Martins Pond Road, accident, property damage.

P.M. 2:03, Main Street, warrant arrest; 4:44, Main Street, business alarm; 4:56, Main Street, found property; 5:55, Whiley Road, breaking and entering a building.

Tuesday, Oct. 28

A.M. 7:41, Chicopee Row, larceny under $250; 7:44, Townsend Road, attempt to serve papers; 11:18, Reedy Meadow Road, larceny under $250.

P.M. 1:12, Forge Village Road, serve summons; 2:22, Whiley Road, breaking and entering a building; 3:32, Main Street, business alarm; 4:01, Boston Road, accident; 8:31, Main Street, ambulance.

Wednesday, Oct. 29

A.M. 8:16, Boston Road, investigation; 8:20, Chicopee Row, ambulance; 9:19, Pleasant Street, ambulance.

P.M. 3:26, Farmers Row, vehicle lockout; 4:00, Jenkins Road, ambulance; 4:48, Flavell Road, warrant arrest.

Thursday, Oct. 30

P.M. 12:02, Duck Pond Road, vehicle lockout; 5:23, Nashua Road, accident, property damage; 6:21, Main, West streets, accident, personal injury; 7:59, Farmers Row, 911 hangup; 9:12, Boston, Sandy Pond roads, found property.


Friday, Oct. 24: Matthew Bettencourt, 27, of Fitchburg, charged with possession Class D drug.

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