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AYER — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Oct. 23 and Wednesday, Oct. 29:

Thursday, Oct. 23

A.M. 12:09, East Main Street, animal complaint; 1:35, Shanklin, Westford Road, suspicious activity; 8:36, ambulance sent to Groton Street.

P.M. 4:17, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 4:34, West Street, general services; 4:57, ambulance sent to Pleasant Street; 5:20, Ayer District Court, East Main Street, general services; 8:11, Washington Street, general services; 8:18, ambulance sent to Washington Street; 8:42, Jiffy Lube, Park Street, animal complaint; 11:05, G.V. Moore Lumber, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 11:56, Ayer Moving & Storage, Central Avenue, suspicious activity.

Friday, Oct. 24

A.M. 12:00, L3 Communications, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 1:18, ambulance sent to East Main Street; 5:38, Polyone Distribution, Fitchburg Road, alarm; 8:26, Page Hilltop School, Washington Street, animal complaint; 8:56, 3 Phase Electric, Bishop Road, alarm.

P.M. 3:35, Grafax Inc., Park Street, assist citizen; 4:14, Plexus, Copeland Drive, suspicious activity; 4:57, ambulance sent to Atherton Street; 5:32, fire truck sent to Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Old Groton Road; 5:54, East Main Street, vandalism; 6:03, Depot Square, arrest made; 8:24, Grosvenor Street, larceny; 9:26, Littleton Road, general services; 9:42, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 10:10, Central Avenue, traffic violation, arrest made; 10:50, ambulance sent to Oakridge Drive.

Saturday, Oct. 25

A.M. 12:05, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 1:12, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 9:27, ambulance sent to Willard Street; 10:34, Pearl Street, general services.

P.M. 1:40, Old Groton Road, vandalism; 3:15, Washington Street, assist other agencies; 7:21, fire truck sent to Washington Street for outside fire; 10:36, ambulance sent to Lawton Street; 11:44, Orion Industries, Orion Park Drive, suspicious activity.

Sunday, Oct. 26

A.M. 12:03, Washington Street, noise complaint; 12:32, DB Audio Plus, Bishop Road, alarm; 3:57, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 4:12, East Main Street, animal complaint; 5:28, New Hope Baptist Church, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 7:09, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 7:14, Shaker Hills Golf Course, Shaker Road, alarm; 8:49, Catania Spagna Corp., Nemco Way, alarm; 11:44, Littleton Line Apartments, Littleton Road, vandalism.

P.M. 12:01, Ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 12:47, ambulance sent to Pleasant Street; 1:45, ambulance sent to Harvard; 3:33, Washington Court, larceny; 3:56, Shanklin Corp., Westford Road, suspicious activity; 5:14, Middle High School, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 9:39, Zodiac Development, Groton School Road, disturbance.

Monday, Oct. 27

A.M. 1:00, Silpro Masonry Systems, New England Way, suspicious activity; 2:12, Worthen Building, Main Street, alarm; 2:59, Rail Trail lot, Groton Street, suspicious activity; 3:07, Fresh Ayer Sports, Main Street, suspicious activity; 3:08, Nashoba Valley Fitness Center, Central Avenue, alarm; 3:51, Billiards Café, Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:29, L-3 Essco, Nemco Way, alarm; 6:28, East Main Street, general disturbance; 8:31, West Main Street, suspicious activity.

P.M. 1:58, Pleasant Street, animal complaint; 6:15, Westford Road, animal complaint; 7:10, West Main Street, general disturbance; 8:15, Washington Street, general disturbance; 9:53, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 9:56, Shaker Road, animal complaint.

Tuesday, Oct. 28

A.M. 1:29, North Middlesex Savings Bank, Main Street, alarm; 1:33, Park Street, suspicious activity; 1:37, Park Street, assist citizen; 3:32, L-3 Essco, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 9:00, Ayer Auto Parts, Park Street, larceny.

P.M. 3:19, Sandy Pond Road, assist citizen; 4:08, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 6:13, Park Street, suspicious activity; 6:58, High Street, assist citizen; 9:12, Mobil, Main Street, non-aggravated assault; 11:52, Devens Plaza, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 11:55, Shriver Job Corp., Jackson Road, assist other agencies.

Wednesday, Oct. 29

A.M. 12:22, Devens Plaza, West Main Street, assist citizen; 1:27, Littleton Road, suspicious activity; 9:12, ambulance sent to West Main Street.

P.M. 3:55, Markham Circle, larceny; 6:49, Washington Street, general disturbance; 7:49, Jackson Street, animal complaint; 7:46, ambulance sent to Shirley.


Friday, Oct. 24: Steven Charles Jokinen, 18, no address given, charged with possession of Class D drug (marijuana), carrying a dangerous weapon, possession of mace without firearms identification card, receiving stolen property over $250 and default warrant; Thomas Allen Layton, 20, of Ayer, charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle, possessing liquor under the age of 21.

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