AYER — The Board of Selectmen has elected to draft a letter to its counterparts in Harvard, expressing interest in sharing resources.

“Part of our last JBOS (Joint Boards of Selectmen) meeting was a discussion on ways to conserve costs and conserve resources,” Selectman Richard Gilles said. “There seems to be some interest between some of the members to share one Department of Public Works supervisor between the two towns.”

Selectman James Fay said he’s concerned with the status of the current applicants that have applied for the open position in Ayer and the town losing control.

“Our ad never said anything about Harvard. How do we bring that up now?” he asked. “Once you give up control of something, you never get it back. Regionalization sometimes leads to government creep.”

Gilles said the purpose of discussing partnering with Harvard is to create an open dialogue.

“It may happen next week, next month or next year,” he said. “I would fully expect to have a drawn-out discussion with them, maybe in a joint session between the two boards. My thinking is we have to change the way we run our town and our finances.”

Town administrator Shaun Suhoski said if Harvard seems interested in sharing DPW duties, that Ayer might hire their new director for only a one-year contract, in case the towns do try to enter into an agreement.

Finance Committee Chairman Larry Keenan told the selectmen a clear cost analysis and understanding of duties would need to be done before they could make any realistic assumptions about sharing the DPW director position.

Selectman Gary Luca agreed, saying it may be a matter of Harvard entering into the agreement with the understanding their streets get plowed after all of Ayer is completed, or the other way around.

“We may not condense both departments,” he said. “But sharing a director and services might be the best way to go.”

Gilles said the town may be able to subsidize its DPW operations by selling services to Harvard. This would allow Harvard to save as well, because they might not have to fill two open positions in their department. Through an informal conversation with MassDevelopment Executive Vice President of Operations Richard Montuori, Gilles said he learned that Devens and MassDevelopment might also be interested in having Ayer sell services to them.

Selectman Cornelius “Connie” Sullivan added the town is not entering into any agreements at this moment, but is just exploring the possibility.

“Any inter-agreement has to be approved by both towns at town meetings,” he said.

The board unanimously voted to have Suhoski draft a letter to the Harvard Board of Selectmen expressing interest, while asking that board to do the same if they share the same thoughts.