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Townsend Floors returning to former Main St. location


TOWNSEND — You really can go home again, according to Linda Giardina.

Giardina, along with her husband John, owns Townsend Floors and Interiors. After 11 years at their location in the retail mall at 222 Main Street, they are moving back to their former location at 241 Main Street, across the road from their present location.

“It’s going to be gorgeous,” Giardina said. “The new space will have a private entrance in the rear of the building and we added a new window facing the street. It will be a beautiful showroom.”

The store was a flurry of activity recently with the owner and employees getting ready for the move. “We plan on keeping open while we move,” she said.

The Giardinas are co-owners of the new building and expect to see significant savings from the move.

“With John being co-owner of the building and the cost of our heating expenses at our old location, it just didn’t make sense to stay here,” Giardina said. “Our February heating bill last year was extremely high and this move will allow us to keep our prices low and in line with our competitors.

The Giardinas have been in Townsend as business owners for over 25 years, 11 at their current location, 11 at the previous building and three years in the building that currently houses Duncan Matthews Books. John is originally from the Billerica area and Linda hails from Arlington.

“We started out in a barn on our old property. John was doing installations and he came home one day and said we were going to open our own store in the barn. We got all the necessary permits, got in touch with distributors and that is how it began. Soon we had worked our way out of the space and were ready for something bigger,” Giardiana said.

Things weren’t always so easy, though. “We used to call February ‘hot dog and bean’ month,” Giardina said. “It was very cyclical in the beginning. Things would be great up to and through the holidays and then would slow down until they picked up again in the spring. Then when the building boom began, and except for the mid-80s, things started to level off.”

With some employees having long years of service, Giardiana counts herself lucky. “We have great employees who have been with us a long time. Judy Powers has been with me about 20 years now,” she said.

Townsend Floors and Interiors offers a variety of carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate options. Professional installation is always available.

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