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TOWNSEND — Selectmen have approved a license agreement with the Archdiocese of Boston to allow fire training exercises in the house next to St. John’s Church, which was originally planned to be demolished.

With town counsel’s approval behind them, the selectmen voted unanimously to accept the agreement. A previous agreement had been reached but the archdiocese had wanted something more formalized.

The property next to the church was purchased for an expansion of parking, and the archdiocese will allow fire training there until its demolition.

Selectman Robert Plamondon, who said he “fully supported” the agreement, asked for the Fire Department to notify neighbors of any upcoming exercises. “I’m concerned that some people may get a little anxious,” he said.

The discussion of fire training was one of a number of issues resolved at the Oct. 21 meeting of selectmen, including the review of warrant articles and appointment to town boards.

Joshua Romano, a Townsend resident recently returned from Iraq, was nominated by the Trustees of the Soldier’s Memorial as the newest member of the group. Romano is currently teaching history at Lunenburg High School. His appointment came on a unanimous vote by selectmen and his service to the community was recognized by both boards.

* The request for proposals for a new fire aerial truck was next on the agenda. Selectmen agreed to approve the RFP being sent out to companies in the business of building fire equipment. The proposed new truck comes at a cost of $856,000. The only concern brought up by selectmen was their ability to inspect the truck. “Basically we would like to be able to go out and kick the tires,” Selectman David Chenelle said.

* Selectmen met with police Chief Erving Marshall about upcoming union negotiations. The meeting did not discuss details of the negotiations but rather focused on policies and procedures.

“I’m here to ask the board to appoint me as the bargaining agent,” Chief Marshall said. The board approved Marshall’s appointment and agreed to send a letter to the union announcing the appointment, as requested by Marshall.

* The town has agreed the reassignment of the Sprint cell tower to Tower Company Acquisition LLC. Sprint is getting out of the cell tower business and TCA has agreed to take over the lease.

* Selectmen approved the application of Unitil to install new gas service at 1 Riverbank Terrace and at 7 Joyce Street.

* The purchase and sales agreement for land to be used at Atwood Acres II was signed.

* Selectmen awarded the fuel oil contact to Shattuck Oil with a town option to renew for two years at the end of the year. There was a slight increase in the price this year due to the volatility of the heating oil market.

* A one-day license approved for Kenneth Saucier of South Fitchburg Hunting & Fishing Club in conjunction with a “Meat Raffle” to be held on Nov. 23 and a “Christmas Raffle” to be held on Dec. 14.

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