Staff Writer

AYER — The Finance Committee will be submitting a letter to town treasurer Denis Callahan in support of the change from weekly to bi-weekly paychecks for all town employees, despite objections.

The change was approved unanimously at the Board of Selectmen’s June 17 meeting.

“Every union in town has filed a grievance,” FinCom Chairman Larry Keenan said.

Keenan said the town is looking into whether past practices related to payroll can be used in the grievances.

“We want to show our support by stating we recommend the policy,” Keenan said. “It will help improve the accuracy of payroll in town and it will also be more time-efficient for Denis and (assistant treasurer) Melissa (Doig).”

The largest employer in town is the School Department. The teachers have been receiving bi-weekly paychecks for years, Keenan said.

“There are about 300 employees in town,” he said. “Two-hundred on the school side and 100 on the town side. So, two-thirds of the employees are already on the bi-weekly system.”

FinCom member Mary Spinner took exception to the grievances.

“They need to grow up,” she said. “(Denis) has gone out of his way notifying each and every one of them. Starting back in June, he sent out four different memos explaining the change.”

The Public Works Union (AFCME), the Ayer Patrolmens Union and the Superior Officers(NEBPA) have officially filed grievences with the town according to Town Administrator Shaun Suhoski.

“Both the town and the collective bargaining groups are discussing the matter,” he said.

Keenan said as of right now, despite the grievances, Callahan is moving forward with the change in payroll, expected to start in October.