TOWNSEND — The Police Department responded to the following incidents between Monday, June 9 and Sunday, June 15:

Monday, June 9

A.M. 12:33, Lunenburg, assisted other agency; 7:14, Main Street, complaint of vehicle break-in; 10:10, Turner Road, motor vehicle complaint; 10:41, Turner Road, burglar alarm; 10:56, Main Street, report of lost property; 11:44, Brookline Road, assisted other agency.

P.M. 12:43, Sumac Drive, house alarm; 1:34, Hickory Drive, officer wanted; 2:53, Pearl Brook Road, officer wanted; 3:21, Virgo Lane, officer wanted; 5:37, Main Street, assisted citizen; 7:16, Scales Lane, motor vehicle lockout; 9:16, Bayberry Hill Road, domestic/family dispute.

Tuesday, June 10

A.M. 8:21, Police station, assisted citizen; 9:52, Turnpike Road, suspicious activity; 10:37, police station, assisted citizen.

P.M. 4:02, Police station, assisted citizen; 5:26, Seaver Road, fire alarm; 8:34, Main Street, burglar alarm; 9:22, Brookline Road, complaint of fraud; 11:40, Clement Road, fire alarm.

Wednesday, June 11

A.M. 3:53, New Fitchburg Road, fire alarm; 7:22, Scales Lane, burglar alarm; 8:28, Emery Road, officer wanted; 8:44, Route 13, officer wanted; 8:58, Turnpike Road, officer wanted; 9:40, Tyler Road, officer wanted; 11:14, Old Turnpike Road, motor vehicle complaint.

P.M. 12:28, Dudley Road, fire alarm; 12:29, Route 119, motor vehicle complaint; 12:31, Brookline Road, complaint of fraud; 12:39, Dudley Road, assisted citizen; 12:47, Wallace Hill Road, motor vehicle accident (no injury); 2:34, Old Meetinghouse Hill, house alarm; 3:43, Bayberry Hill Road, assisted citizen; 8:00, Koski Way, annoying phone calls; 8:14, Brookline Road, assisted citizen; 8:29, Spaulding Street, domestic/family dispute; 9:07, Main Street, domestic/family dispute; 10:13, Brookline, N.H., assisted other agency; 10:26, Main Street, burglar alarm.

Thursday, June 12

A.M. 1:46, Main Street, burglar alarm; 10:06, Lunenburg Road, disabled motor vehicle.

P.M. 1:18, Lunenburg Road, suspicious activity; 4:32, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout; 6:47, Bow Street, officer wanted; 6:59, town common, suspicious activity; 7:39, Warren Road, motor vehicle complaint; 8:20, South Row Road, motor vehicle accident (injury).

Friday, June 13

A.M. 1:21, Brookline, N.H., assisted other agency; 7:28, Dudley Road, suspicious activity; 9:15, Route 13, officer wanted.

P.M. 1:58, Police station, officer wanted; 2:44, Route 13, complaint of threatening; 3:31, Maplewood Drive, fire alarm; 6:43, Main Street, suspicious activity; 9:18, Ash Street, officer wanted.

Saturday, June 14

A.M. 12:50, South Row Road, noise complaint; 8:41, Jefts Street, suspicious activity; 10:05, North Middlesex Regional High School, assisted citizen; 11:48, Chestnut Drive, suspicious activity.

P.M. 12:09, Route 119, assisted other agency; 12:10, Main Street, assisted citizen; 12:37, Main Street, report of larceny of a motor vehicle; 4:14, Clement Road, animal complaint; 4:47, Brookline, N.H., assisted other agency; 5:26, Main Street, animal complaint; 7:00, Emery Road at South Row, suspicious activity; 7:17, Dudley Road, assisted citizen; 8:50, Scales Lane, motor vehicle complaint.

Sunday, June 15

A.M. 12:22, West Elm Street, noise complaint; 1:03, Horseshoe Drive, suspicious activity; 9:09, Turner Road, assisted other agency; 11:19, Main Street, officer wanted.

P.M. 12:22, West Elm Street, noise complaint; 1:03, Horseshoe Drive, suspicious activity; 9:09, Turner Road, assisted other agency; 11:19, Main Street, officer wanted; 11:43, Proctor Road, vehicle break-in; 4:28, Main Street, complaint of larceny; 5:49 and 6:33, Main Street, neighbor/tenant disputes.