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Shirley — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, June 16 and Sunday, June 22:

Monday, June 16

A.M. 12:58, Great Road, assist other police agency; 9:20, Harvard Road, warrant arrest; 11:04, MCI-Shirley, Harvard Road, fire inspection.

P.M. 12:07, Parker Road, property lost or stolen; 7:01, Valley View Way, abandoned 911 call; 8:00, Highway Department, Great Road, radar patrol.

Tuesday, June 17

A.M. 12:28, Reservoir Road, assist other police, suspects gone on arrival; 9:17, Ayer District Court, officer needed; 9:42, Phoenix Park offices, Shaker Road, investigation; 10:09, Shaker Meadows, Harvard Road, fire alarm; 10:57, Horse Pond Road, suspicious vehicle.

P.M. 12:21, Little Turnpike Road, burglar alarm; 2:02, Groton Road bridge, suspicious persons; 2:14, Church Street, domestic dispute; 2:31, Hazen Road, medical, one transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 3:22, Nashua Street, vandalism; 4:30, Fredonian Street, officer wanted; 5:13, Nashua Street, investigation; 6:57, Walker Road, safety hazard; 9:57, Ayer Road, noise complaint.

Wednesday, June 18

A.M. 7:35, Parker and Great roads, fire investigation; 7:56, Leominster and Lancaster roads, fire and hazmat incident; 9:47, Bemis Assoc., Bemis Way, medical, one transported.

P.M. 3:20, Squannacook Road, suspicious vehicle; 4:12, Windsor Road, fire alarm; 4:44, Peabody Road, radar patrol; 5:57, Catacunemaug Road, officer wanted; 7:09, Front Street, domestic upset; 9:53, Front Street, traffic control.

Thursday, June 19

A.M. 9:09, Mohawk Village, Great Road, domestic disturbance; 8:04, Leominster Road, vehicle complaints; 8:18, Harvard Road, investigation; 10:58, Route 2 East, animal found.

P.M. 2:37, Parker Road, suspicious activity; 11:09, Groton Road, fire investigation.

Friday, June 20

A.M. 3:46, Squannacook Road, medical, one transported to Leominster Hospital; 5:02, Front Street, on the strip by the school, radar patrol; 6:22, Lura A. White School, Lancaster Road, vandalism; 8:33, Great Road, vehicle complaints.

P.M. 1:14, Horse Pond Road, medical, one taken to NVMC; 3:16, Washington Street, animal complaint; 3:33, Ayer Road, property lost or stolen; 4:59, Bemis Assoc., Bemis Way, serve summons; 5:44, Nonesuch Way, animal complaint; 5:54, Great Road, radar patrol with stops made; 7:08, Ayer Road, assist other agency.

Saturday, June 21

A.M. 12:24, Main Street, suspicious person; 12:44, Phoenix Bar & Grill, Ayer Road, foot patrol; 8:15, Front Street, radar patrol, with stops made; 10:02, Clark Road, summons service; 11:14, Clark Road, animal complaint.

P.M. 2:00, Chapel Street, property lost or stolen; 2:26, Hill Road, abandoned 911 call; 2:30, Horse Pond Road, welfare check; 3:37, MCI-medium, Harvard Road, abandoned 911 call; 3:50, Bull Run Restaurant, Great Road, radar patrol; 3:51, Hazen Road, animal complaint; 4:30, Lancaster Road, radar patrol, numerous stops made; 4:55, Fredonian Street, property lost or stolen; 7:19, Harvard Road, ATV complaint; 7:47, Turf Logic, Mt. Laurel Circle, burglar alarm; 10:46, Baywoods Drive, domestic disturbance, one arrest made.

Sunday, June 22

A.M. 6:45, Ayer Road, radar patrol; 10:15, Davis Street, parking complaint; 10:29, Main Street, medical, patient refused treatment; 11:17, Church Street, officer wanted; 11:43, Nonesuch Way, burglar alarm.

P.M. 1:50, Front Street, fire investigation; 10:07, Groton Road, noise complaint; 10:15, Phoenix Street, railroad complaint; 11:00, Mohawk Chalet, Great Road, officer wanted, peace restored; 11:25, Benjamin Road, suspicious vehicle; 11:40, Front Street, medical, one transported to NVMC.


Saturday, June 21: Susan M. Coulter, 44, of Shirley, charged with assault and battery.

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