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Selectmen approve, sign trash contract with Shaw’s


TOWNSEND — The Board of Health and the Board of Selectmen want to make it clear to residents that only trash will be picked up this week; recyclables will be picked up next week, along with the regular trash collection.

The signatures of the selectmen completed the contract with G.W. Shaw Inc. as Townsend’s new refuse removal/disposal provider. The company will maintain the existing collection schedule, so citizens can continue to put out their trash for their regularly scheduled pickup day.

The town will pay $254,150 for trash removal with G.W. Shaw, and another $136,850 for recycling, with an additional cost of $78 per ton to dispose of the rubbish. Last fiscal year, the town paid $700,167 for rubbish disposal.

The Board of Health was also in attendance at the July 1 meeting and told the selectmen the bid from Shaw’s had been accepted by vote on April 16.

However, the board just received the proposed changes to the draft contract, in writing, on June 9, which caused the delay in completing the process.

In the interim, previous provider Allied Waste Inc. improved upon its offer and urged the town to reconsider, but the decision to go with Shaw’s did not change.

“It should be stressed that you still need to sort,” said Gregory Barnes, town administrator, at the meeting. “Paper in one bin; plastic, metal and glass in another.”

There will be no “official” bins distributed, so citizens may use any recycling bin in their possession.

Barnes admitted that the transition period may lead to some “growing pains,” and those who experience any problem with rubbish service should contact G.W. Shaw toll free at (800) 649-7419 or (800) 352-5230.

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