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Hilbrunner receives Groton Area Newcomers and Friends club scholarship


GROTON — Groton Area Newcomers and Friends (GANF) club presented the 2008 annual Bic Penn Memorial Scholarship to Renee Hilbrunner, graduating senior at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. Hilbrunner will major in pre-med at St. Lawrence University in the fall.

Named after its creators, Bic and Penn, GANF selects the candidate who represents the best blend of several areas: Community service, academic record, financial need and distinguishing characteristics such as leadership and goal-setting. Recipients may not be first in their class, but must demonstrate a commitment to their future and to their community. Applications for 2009 will be accepted in the spring.

The GANF executive board selected Hilbrunner from 25 well-qualified applicants. Hillbrunner distinguished herself by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to community service, for maintaining an impressive scholastic record and for taking commendable leadership initiative. Hillbrunner has been a Special Olympics volunteer, has been honored for excellence in photography and has been an active soccer player on the varsity team since 2004.

Julie Marion, outgoing vice president and incoming GANF president, presented the scholarship at the June awards ceremony.

“This was the toughest decision to date for the Newcomers and Friends Club,” Marion said. “We received 25 applications from some very deserving graduates, but could select only one. We are pleased to award the Bic Penn Scholarship to Renee, who we believe is genuinely committed to a promising future in medicine and to serving her community.”

Groton Area Newcomers and Friends (GANF) offers a wide range of events and activities that connect new and established residents of all ages, encouraging members to learn more about the Groton area, to build a better community and form lasting friendships by sharing interests and hobbies. Membership is open to all residents of Groton and its surrounding towns.

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