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ASHBY — The Police Department responded to the following incidents between Sunday, June 22 and Saturday, June 28:

Sunday, June 22

A.M. 8:10, Wellington Road, welfare check.

P.M. 12:20, Townsend Road, suspicious activity; 11:13, ambulance assist.

Monday, June 23

A.M. 6:36, Mason Road, assist Fire Dept.; 9:10, West State Road, suspicious activity.

P.M. 6:41, County Road, serve process; 8:16, Mayor Road, suspicious activity; 9:37, Main Street, alarm, commercial.

Tuesday, June 24

A.M. 4:49, Breed Road, alarm, commercial; 8:13, ambulance assist.

P.M. 3:24, Greenville Road, ATV problem, complaint filed; 5:31, Turnpike Road, suspicious activity; 5:52, County Road, suspicious activity; 8:33, Turnpike Road, disabled vehicle

Wednesday, June 25

A.M. 3:33, Luke Road, general services; 11:25, Fitchburg State Road, welfare check.

P.M. 4:47, Fitchburg State Road, motor vehicle complaint; 6:25, ambulance assist; 8:26, Fitchburg State Road, motor vehicle complaint, one arrest; 11:16, West State Road, motor vehicle complaint.

Thursday, June 26

A.M. 12:52, Bennett Road, assist other police department (New Ipswich, N.H.); 1:05, Bennett Road, hazard; 8:29, Taylor Road, assist Fire Dept.; 9:38, Hillside Drive, suspicious activity.

P.M. 3:02, Greenville Road, assist other police department (Mason, N.H.); 7:20, Mason Road, hazard; 7:50, Turnpike Road, drug violation; 9:23, Main Street, alarm, commercial; 11:44, Greenville Road, accident.

Friday, June 27

A.M. 12:31, Fitchburg State Road, assist other police department (Fitchburg).

P.M. 5:00, New Ipswich Road, erratic driver; 5:15, Main Street, motor vehicle complaint; 6:15, Jewett Hill Road, alarm, residential.

Saturday, June 28

A.M. 12:15, Page Road, suspicious activity; 3:56, Bennett Road, directed patrol; 5:35, ambulance assist; 9:06, Main Street, alarm, commercial.

P.M. 12:22, Main Street, animal complaint; 11:52, Foster Road, suspicious activity.

Vehicle citations, 22


Wednesday, June 25: 8:26 p.m., Fitchburg State Road; Robert G. Lavoie, 55, of Fitchburg, charged with failing to stop for a police officer and speeding. Officer Derek Pepple made the arrest.

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