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Twice this week I have taken my sons to the Pepperell skate park and both times we have had to leave. The skate park has always had a mix of ages and our younger children were able to enjoy it on occasion, but lately has become a hangout for older teenagers, some who are old enough to drive themselves there.

My 13-year-old used to go to the park after school with his friends, but I had noticed over the past few months they haven’t been going anymore. We were there today with some children, ranging in age from 7 to 13 and a couple in between. A few of the older teens were arguing and swearing repeatedly at each other. When I spoke up and said “Hey guys, there are young children here” I was told to “shut up.”

There was also no chance for the younger kids to use the park, as the older kids took over. They brought in some sort of home-made pipe to skate on. Not to mention the smoking and drinking that I have observed there on several occasions.

Doesn’t the sign at the park clearly state these things are not allowed? Isn’t anyone keeping an eye on the skate park? Don’t these older kids’ parents care where they are and what they are doing? Was the intent of building the skate park to give the older kids a place to hang out and for the younger ones not to get to enjoy skating as well?

I regret the money I spent on fund-raisers for the park. I really wish someone would step up and monitor the park and the people who are using it.

Please withhold my name to protect my kids from harassment.

Thank you for your attention.



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