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GROTON — Chief of Police Donald Palma reported to selectmen that none of the cattle that escaped from a private farm last month seemed to still be on the loose in Groton.

Palma told selectmen at their June 23 meeting that “the situation on Route 119 had been resolved” and his department is continuing to work with various agencies, including the Animal Rescue League, to locate and recapture the remaining animals, which have wandered into neighboring Ayer.

Route 119 had been a crossing point for some of the wandering cattle as they made their way into Littleton. The chief wanted to ensure that motorists did not have any potentially dangerous encounters with the 500-800 pound cows, should any try to cross the street.

The issue of the stray Black Angus cows was first brought before the Board of Selectmen a few weeks ago, when Palma described how he and Highway Surveyor Thomas Delaney tried repeatedly to find and capture the animals, but with little luck.

Palma said at the time that as many as 25 of the creatures had escaped the Shirley Road property of Philip DeNormandie on May 30, due to inadequate fencing, and were wandering the woods of Groton, Littleton, Westford and Ayer.

Although it was believed that no cows remained at large in Groton, a recent incident at the DeNormandie farm raised questions. A thunderstorm frightened the captured cattle, prompting the animals to escape the property through a break in the fence.

Constable George Moore confirmed that the fencing at the property was inadequate and needed repair, but that the loose cattle were quickly rounded up this time.

Meanwhile, the hunt continued in Ayer for the remaining animals.

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