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Vehicle complaints

Wednesday, June 17: A Madigan Lane resident called police to report the license plate number of a vehicle that had sped past. It was traced to the owner. Sgt. James Babu went to the owner’s home to speak to the person, but nobody was home. He left a message.

Also that day, an off-duty Stow police officer reported a driver, using emergency lights, operating erratically and making unsafe lane changes on Trail Ridge Way. The other party, a firefighter headed out to a call, apologized for his actions, said Officer Gregory Newman.

Vehicle accident

Monday, June 23: A rented vehicle carrying three out-of-town visitors rolled over near the intersection of Mass Avenue and Slough Road near the town line late Monday night. Police, fire and ambulance crews responded, as did Boxborough police.

The driver apparently failed to make the corner, Officer Newman said. The three people were transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. All of the vehicle’s air bags deployed, he said. The vehicle was towed. No citation was issued.

The rollover indirectly led to another minor mishap. A Harvard fire truck responding to the scene — to clean up any gas or oil that might have leaked from the overturned vehicle — accidentally struck a Boxborough cruiser parked at the scene. Nobody was injured in that incident.

Risky play

Thursday, June 19: An aborted 9-1-1 emergency call, followed by a phone call from the same address on Old Shirley Road, led police to two sisters, ages 3 and 5, running back and forth across the road, playing “tag” with cars while their mother slept in the house, apparently unaware her daughters were outside. The officer alerted the mother to the situation and the children were taken safely inside, Officer Newman said.

Also that day, a truck carting several rowing shells was parked on Woodside Road. Someone called to complain about it around 8:30 that morning. The vehicle owner was told the truck could not be parked on the road and it was moved to the beach.

OUI arrest

Thursday, June 19: A caller reported smelling smoke at about 10 p.m. Police and a Fire Department officer responded but found nothing. However, fire Lt. Warren reported his vehicle was almost sideswiped by another vehicle as he left the scene, and that led to the arrest of an underage female. She was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, Officer Gregory Newman said.

The stop also led police to a house party on Mettacomett Path, where the girl had allegeldy been drinking that night. A person over 21 at that home will be charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor, Newman said.

Officer down

Friday, June 20: Sgt. James Babu was injured while testing a Segway-style three-wheeled vehicle for police, Officer Newman said. He received medical treatment after the accident. The vehicle, which has been making the rounds of surrounding towns, was not considered appropriate for use in Harvard at this time, Newman said.

Also that day, an Old Littleton Road resident believed a domestic disturbance was going on in the neighborhood and called police, but it turned out to be a noisy pre-teen birthday party, Officer Newman said.


Fireworks are illegal

Police responded to a fireworks complaint Friday night, June 20, but didn’t find the source. Fireworks are illegal to buy, possess or set off in Massachusetts, Newman said.

Copper thieves strike

Thieves stole a 3,000-foot roll of copper wire from a public works storage site on Depot Road. The theft was reported Friday afternoon, June 20. The wire was worth $8,000.

Animal control

Saturday, June 21: A black Labrador retriever was spotted around 10:30 in the morning, wandering in the vicinity of Ayer Road and Route 2. The dog, apparently a familiar vagrant in the area, was not located, Officer Newman said.

Sunday, June 22: A couple of the Black Angus cows reported missing from a Groton herd recently may have been spotted in Harvard. A caller reported seeing two of the animals on Green Hill Road around 7:30 Sunday morning and said they were headed for the Town Center. The cows were not located, but the owner was notified, Officer Newman said.

Suspicious activity

Saturday, June 21: A caller reported around 4:30 p.m. that three teenage boys were standing by the pond near Stow Road and Murray Lane with guns. The caller said the guns had scopes. But they were not firearms. The guns were “air-sof” pellet guns, Officer Newman said. The boys were waiting for their parents, who picked them up while an officer was there, he said. The guns aren’t illegal at this time.

Car seat safety

Officer Daniele Fortunato is trained and certified in car seat safety. Residents who would like to check the efficacy and safety of their child or infant safety seat may make an appointment with her to inspect the equipment and ensure it’s property installed in their vehicle.

Officer Fortunato provided that service for someone – by appointment – recently, and will do the same for other townspeople, Officer Newman said. To make an appointment, call the Harvard police station: 978-456-8276.

General services

Monday, June 23: A man driving a camper on Shaker Road accidentally drove over the base of a portable basketball hoop stationed at the roadside. He reported the incident to police Monday morning. The kids who had put the hoop there were told to move it farther back where it won’t be a traffic hazard, Officer Newman said.


Monday, June 23: An ambulance call to a Barton Road residence early Monday afternoon was for an 11-year old boy who had a reaction to peanuts. The incident gave the boy and his parents “a scare” but it turned out fine.

The boy’s condition improved quickly, and once they knew what the problem was, the parents said they could handle it at home. The child was not taken to the hospital, Officer Newman said.