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TOWNSEND — The Police Department responded to the following incidents between Monday, May 12 and Sunday, May 18:

Monday, May 12

A.M. 6:42, Route 13, motor vehicle complaint; 8:27, Elm Street, motor vehicle lockout; 10:09, Highland Street, disturbance; 10:59, Meadow Road, officer wanted.

P.M. 12:16, Dudley Road, fire alarm; 12:44, Main Street, complaint of assault and battery; 4:23, Vinton Pond Road, house alarm; 5:58, Lunenburg Road, assisted citizen; 7:37, Dudley Road, assisted citizen; 8:56, Mason Road, disabled motor vehicle.

Tuesday, May 13

A.M. 11:00, Willow Drive, complaint of fraud; 11:43, Spaulding Street, officer wanted.

P.M. 2:17, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout; 2:36, Clement Road, motor vehicle complaint; 4:57, Brookline Road, complaint of annoying phone calls; 9:56, Elm Street Center, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, May 14

A.M. 2:31, New Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 5:36, Squannacook Terrace, domestic/family dispute; 9:51, Edwards Road, suspicious activity; 9:54, Brookline Road, arrest.

P.M. 12:13, Laurel Woods, officer wanted; 12:41, Route 119, motor vehicle complaint; 2:46, Main Street, motor vehicle accident (no injury); 4:38, Wallace Hill Road, suspicious activity; 5:09, Fitchburg Road, assisted citizen; 6:33, Main Street, neighbor/tenant dispute; 10:43, Main Street, suspicious activity.

Thursday, May 15

A.M. 1:24, Ponderosa Drive, disturbance; 4:08, Highland Street, suspicious activity; 6:31, Clement Road, fire alarm; 8:19, Main Street, officer wanted; 9:02, Brookline Street, report of lost/found property; 10:15, Laural Woods, officer wanted.

P.M. 3:05, Police station, officer wanted; 4:47, Ash Street, officer wanted; 5:14, Wallace Hill Road, complaint of annoying phone calls; 6:55, Bayberry Hill Road, house alarm; 10:17, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout.

Friday, May 16

A.M. 2:15, Brookline Road, suspicious activity; 4:00, Brookline, N.H., assisted other agency.

P.M. 1:19, Fitchburg Road, motor vehicle accident (injury); 3:37, Meadow Road, house alarm; 10:10 and 10:39, Sumac Drive, noise complaints.

Saturday, May 17

A.M. 1:28, Tyler Road, motor vehicle accident (no injury); 6:44, Main Street, complaint of vandalism; 9:07, Brookline Road, assisted other agency; 11:50, Route 119, motor vehicle complaint.

P.M. 12:24, Edwards Road, complaint of vandalism; 12:39, Route 13, complaint of trespassing; 1:28, South Street, burglar alarm; 3:13, Blood Road, fire alarm; 3:30, Mason Road, motor vehicle complaint; 5:08, Route 13, motor vehicle complaint; 9:38, Route 119, motor vehicle complaint.

Sunday, May 18

A.M. 12:20, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 12:52, Dudley Road, assisted citizen.

P.M. No incidents.


Wednesday, May 14: John H. Franklin, 38, of Marlborough, charged with assault and battery and intimidating a witness.

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