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TOWNSEND — Cheryl Pillsbury, an author and resident of Townsend, in association with AG Press, has announced the launching of her new book children’s book, titled “Amie.”

To celebrate the launch, there will be a book signing and a book reading for two age groups at the Townsend Public Library on Saturday, June 21. The first session begins at 10 a.m. for younger children and a second session commences at noon for teens.

“Amie” is drawn from Cheryl’s personal experiences of raising a daughter diagnosed with autism. Cheryl writes, “These are the stories of a 5-year-old autistic girl and discovering the world through her eyes. She discovers life and miracles in her own backyard. Amie has a very special bond, a special love with her father, Mark. He takes Amie out to many small adventures and both learn about wonders of everyday life.”

Residents, friends and neighbors are invited to attend this book signing and to read and enjoy this book about the simple pleasures in life, as Amie and her dad learn about this world we live in. One third of the proceeds of this book will benefit autism research.

Cheryl Pillsbury is also the author of “Peleport” (a fantasy about mutants living on an island); “Angus Grady” (for ages 17 and up); “Bradley and Farley” (a detective series for ages 17 and up) and a vampire series (for adults).

AG Press is a print-on-demand publishing/printing company for authors who wish to have their manuscript published and experience that indescribable feeling from seeing their story and name in print.

For more information about the Townsend library event or Cheryl Pillsbury’s books, please visit, or contact Cheryl at (978) 300-5178, or by e-mail to

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