AYER — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 21:

Thursday, May 15

A.M. 2:01, Shaker Hills Golf Course, Shaker Road, alarm; 5:12, Wendy’s, Barnum Road, alarm; 7:46, ambulance sent to Littleton; 8:57, Orion Park Drive, traffic citation; 8:58, Sandy pond Road, traffic citation; 9:23, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 11:24, Whitcomb Avenue, larceny.

P.M. 1:50, Sovereign Bank, Park Street, larceny; 2:09, Checkered Flag Auto Parts, Park Street, larceny; 5:20, West Main Street, illegal burn; 5:22, West Main Street, assist other agencies; 5:52, East Main Street, general offenses; 7:14, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 7:48, ambulance sent to J.P. O’Hanlon’s, Main Street; 8:39, Grosvenor Street, assist other agencies.

Friday, May 16

A.M. 12:57, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 1:45, Shaker Hills Golf Course, Shaker Road, alarm; 8:22, East Main Street, vandalism; 10:51, West Main Street, general offenses; 10:58, Groton Street, missing property; 11:00, Willard Street, general offenses; 11:22, ambulance sent to Shirley; 11:41, Willard Street, general offenses; 11:49, Littleton Line Apartments, Littleton Road, general offenses.

P.M. 3:55, Billiard’s Café, Main Street, general disturbance; 4:38, J.P. O’Hanlon’s, Main Street, general services; 5:23, Tyngsboro Police, assist other agencies; 5:45, Shaker Hills Golf Course, Shaker Road, burglar alarm; 6:37, Prospect Street, general services; 6:41, Groton Harvard Road, general services; 5:43, ambulance sent to Littleton for mutual aid; 8:44, Cambridge Street, assist other agencies.

Saturday, May 17

A.M. 12:17, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 1:45, K&W Tire, Willow Road, alarm; 7:57, Orion Industries, Orion Park Drive, alarm; 11:26, Park Street, traffic stop, arrest made.

P.M. 12:31, Groton Harvard Road, assist citizen; 2:37, Groton Harvard Road, domestic assault and battery, arrest made; 3:28, ambulance sent to Pond Street; 4:15, ambulance sent to the bridge on East Main Street; 5:22, Pearl Street, domestic abuse; 5:40, ambulance sent to Pearl Street; 6:03, Pearl Street, general services; 6:40, ambulance sent to Apple Valley Continuing Care, Old Groton Road; 7:49, Pearl Street, general services; 8:34, Willard Street, assist citizen; 10:27, Long Pond, Loon Hill Road, suspicious activity.

Sunday, May 18

A.M. 1:23, Tulco Inc., Bishop Road, vandalism; 3:55, Groton Street, vandalism; 4:14, Rail Trail lot, Groton Street, vandalism; 9:15, Pleasant Street, general services.

P.M. 1:47, Pleasant Street, general disturbance; 7:28, Willard Street, domestic assault and battery, arrest made; 8:47, Bubble It, Park Street, lint fire; 11:08, Willard Street, larceny.

Monday, May 19

A.M. 1:49, Town Beach, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 1:56 Old Fire Station, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 6:35, Willard Street, vandalism; 10:08, ambulance sent to Littleton; 11:30, ambulance sent to Groton School Road.

P.M. 1:10, Groton Harvard Road, general services; 3:02, West Main Street, general assistance; 3:55, East Main Street, larceny; 4:53, Westford Road, traffic citation; 5:08, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 5:22, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 8:26, Shirley Street, noise complaint; 8:40, East Main Street, assist citizen; 8:45, ambulance sent to Shirley; 9:09, Zodiac Development, Groton School Road, annoying phone calls; 9:24, Willard Street, general services; 9:45, Vernon Street, noise complaint.

Tuesday, May 20

A.M. 6:43, Main Street, traffic citation; 8:50, ambulance sent to Shirley; 11:47, Western Drive, assist citizen.

P.M. 3:01, Ambulance sent to Littleton; 4:39, Pirone Park, Bligh Street, general disturbance; 5:40, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 9:16, Williams Street, general services.

Wednesday, May 21

A.M. 1:01, Ambulance sent to Pond Street; 1:02, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 7:43, Washington Street, traffic citation; 10:01, ambulance sent to Nashoba Park; 11:18, Highland Avenue, animal complaint.

P.M. 12:09, Ambulance sent to Pepperell; 12:14, Old Groton Road, general services; 1:33, ambulance sent to Ayer Housing Authority, Pond Street; 4:18, ambulance sent to Harvard; 8:57, Washington Street, general services.


Saturday, May 17: Michael R. Hernandez, 19, of Ayer, charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, no inspection sticker and possession of a class D drug (marijuana); Chad Patrick Weekley, 32, of Ayer, charged with domestic assault and battery.

Sunday, May 18: Cathy Jo Jackson, 41, of Ayer, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (burning candle, hot wax).