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Kixx vs. Renegades

Team Kixx came ready for action as Bryn Lebet defended her goal and blocked shots. Allyson McMahon and Duncan Lebet showed hustle in passing the ball and supporting their teammates. Matthew McMahon and Caroline Cournoyer scored several goals each. Kaylie Grise also kicked a couple in, assisted by Emily Berry.

Strikers vs. Storm

Daniel Abbott and Alexandra Sheehan displayed fancy footwork and impressive tackling skills. Chase Partridge showed great hustle and defense. Thomas Kelly made some nice steals and clears. Amelia Faucher, Sydney and Sophia Bradley showcased some great dribbling and passing skills. Rachel Drahusz led many attacks with good dribbling and shots. Abbott, Sheehan, Partridge, Kelly and Drahusz scored the team’s goals.

Wave vs. Steamers

Team Wave played with determination as Nicole Tortora provided notable passes and support. Ivan Dodor demonstrated skillful dribbling and hustling. Michael Gillespie, Madelyn Driscoll and Townsend Southard Pantano made key defensive plays, assists and hustle. Anna Dunsmoor scored multiple goals, while additional tallies came from Anna Griffiths and Ryan Scanlon.

Cougars vs. Blast

The Cougars played with great enthusiasm throughout. Dylan Troiano, Becca Epstein and Samantha Nett all scored goals. Darien Ackerman and Ben Lambright both blocked shots. Jessica Tine, Olivia Troiano and Liam White had some great defensive moves and assisted on offense.

For team Blast, Alexa Beaubein, Caera Ryan, Isabelle Hallisey and William LaCourse demonstrated great ball control. Daniel Cahill and Bailey Hagon were big contributors defensively while Grace and Josh Colangelo, Bailey Hagon, Waseem Mahmoud, William LaCourse and Caera Ryan made great passes for assists. The teams numerous goals were scored by Mahmoud, Hagon, all three Colangelo’s, Cahill, Beaubien and Ryan.

Crusaders vs. Sharks

Sean Morrissey, Connor Ludford and Abby Nick led a strong Crusaders’ offense, scoring several goals each. Trent Kelley and Ava Panaccione demonstrated their passing skills and hustle while Ethan Reed and Caitlin Ludford rounded out the team with their awesome defensive plays.

Patrick Folan, Sara Picariello and Brooke Kelley were strong on the offensive Shark attack, with special help from Evelyn Pepe and Mallory York’s great assists. Christopher Mucci and Ailish Folan showed good hustle both offensively and defensively. Madigan Murphy had a couple of great heads-up plays to defend the goal.


Phantoms vs. Bulldogs

Both teams played a tough and determined game. Seth Drahusz, Mya Medina and Erin Bourgeois showed fast and strong footwork bringing the ball down the field and scoring goals. In the second quarter, Alexis Reidy brought the ball up making a great pass to Brendan Cerone, who scored for the Phantoms. Joshua Straitiff, Brendan Cerone, Nicholas Cerone, Own Marr and Alexis Reidy all scored goals in the second half with assists by Grace Doyle, Isabelle Lovezzola and Ryan Thomson.

Revolution vs. Fire

The Revolution played a exciting game against team Fire. Patrick Maley and Paige Dyer proved their skills as shooting powerhouses, while Aston Gray and Nicholas Montibello kept the ball under control. Alex Nick and Lauren Cappellini made some strong defensive plays and carried the ball up field. Samantha Roberge, Julia Cappellini and John Howes’ controlled dribbling kept the Fire’s defense on their toes. Ciara Murphy, Riley Patenaude and Vinnie Sabatino stepped it up offensively by scoring a number of goals.

For Team Fire, Abbey Delaney had noteworthy dribbling. Adam Koretsky played impressive defense and Rachael Pember’s passing led to a goal. Derek Pinkerton had a few noteworthy shots in the second half. Ryan Radwich followed suit with some powerful assists and Brandon Reis’s cuts to get past the opposing Revolution players were super. Goals were scored by Aaron Berry, Carianne Deacon, Kiley Denault, Shane Picariello and Sarah Sebilian. A great effort and great performance was shown by all.

Power vs. Breakers

Teamwork is the name of the game for the Power team. Ripp made sure everyone was set up at times while Kaitlyn, Kathryn, Max, Adam and Jimmie had some great passes. On the defensive side, Emily, Thomas, Holly, Christie, Cameron, and Sabrina made some blocks to stop the Breakers from scoring. On the offensive side, Kaitlyn, Ripp, Kathryn, Christie,Cameron, Jimmie and Emily all scored while Sabrina, Kendra, Adam, Max and Holly added assists.


United played a great and exciting game today. Timothy Cahill, Alecia Deacon and Matthew Dixon took turns playing goalie and made some incredible saves against their hard-charging opponents. Katie Anderson and Adam Rubinic each scored a goal. Caleb McLellan, Paul Robarge and Stephanie Anderson showed great dribbling and took many goal opportunities. Elizabeth Marti and Emma Reading hustled well on both offense and defense.


Pepperell vs. Maynard

Pepperell remained unbeaten with a 3-0 win over Maynard. Gabriela Trust scored the first and second goals for Pepperell. Lauren Sheehan and Elena Beauregard kept constant pressure on Maynard. Alannah Daly and Kayla Delaney worked to win the ball and turn it back up field. Sarah Murphy showed aggressive defense and the unshakeable Chloe Aiken secured a shutout as keeper for the first half. Tayler Pomeroy’s breakaway led to her first goal in the second half. Marissa Drahusz, Marissa LaFosse and Molly TenBroeck also kept Maynard’s keeper busy. Keeper Gabriela Trust made an amazing save tipping the ball over the net.

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