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Leave the school district or go fight for money in Boston


Another town meeting, another school budget approved. Why do we waste our time debating this article? Why not just accept the budget that the School Committee presents to the town? It would save a lot of the same old arguments year after year.

I think it’s time to get out of the district and run our own high school. Now, don’t give me the argument that we will get no funding from the state; we are not getting it now. Isn’t that the big problem, as one citizen so accurately pointed out at town meeting? Something is going to give, eventually. Either get out of the district or get down to Boston and fight for our money.

We have room in our existing schools, believe it our not, so let’s put a plan in place. Let’s work toward a solution that will benefit everyone, including our children.

Pepperell is more than just a school system. We have dedicated people in all areas of public service who deserve as much attention and support as our schools. From Town Hall to the Highway Department, we are all in this together or so I thought.

We may have a school budget, but will we have a snow plow to clear the roads to get our children to school? Will we have fire and police personnel to protect our children, maybe save their lives? Will we have a recreation facility or a library for our children? The list goes on and on “for the children” as mentioned time and time again at town meeting.

I probably won’t see any changes in my lifetime but maybe those who come after me will.



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