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Acton/Boxborough 4

PAT1 1

PAT played a hard-fought game on Saturday morning that was highlighted by some excellent scoring opportunities and bad bounces. Trailing by two goals after one period, Matthew McCarthy, assisted by Cody Allard and Cameron Stairs, scored PAT’s only goal of the game. Although this was a frustrating game, everybody on the team skated hard and left determined to turn it around for the next game.

PAT1 4


PAT came out fighting in its last regular season game, determined to earn their place in a closely contested playoff race. After a scoreless first period that featured many great PAT scoring opportunities, Manchester got on the board first early in the second period. Rising to the challenge, PAT maintained their focus, played disciplined defense, and continued to pressure their opponents. With just 28 seconds left in the period, Gavin Donohoe and Cody Allard sent Cameron Stairs in for a beautiful goal. Michael Amari, assisted by Connor Viviano, kept the momentum going with a quick goal in the first minute of the third period. PAT never looked back. Stairs, assisted by Allard and Joshua Joy, hustled in for his second goal of the game, and Griffin Delaney sealed Manchester’s fate with a late goal. Declan Delaney, Jake Fitzgerald and Donnie Frederick hustled the entire game, wearing down Manchester’s defense and goaltender. Defensemen Ryan Archibald, Matthew McCarthy and Hunter Newsham fearlessly defended their zone throughout the game, breaking up plays and frustrating their opponent’s offensive attempts. The consistent Jarid Bergeron played another excellent game in goal.

PAT2 4

Gardner 1

PAT posted a good win against a strong Gardner team. Katie Babineau got things rolling for PAT with a first period goal. Nicholas Joy added another goal in the second period, after a great feed from linemate Jacy Kretas. Colin Massidda netted the third goal with Babineau assisting. Michael Murphy added the last goal with a breakaway in the third period. Lots of hustle from Brady Dillis, Jack Wizboski and Caleb Ackerman contributed to the hard-fought win. Jack Harrison put on the pads for PAT and had several outstanding saves.


Groton 4


PAT battled hard against a strong Groton team as the action was fast and furious with both sides generating solid scoring chances. PAT just couldn’t catch a break, narrowly missing on two or three goals that could have turned the game around. Late in the third period, McKayla Briggs fired a shot to beat Groton’s netminder and make it 3-1. Groton scored just 11 seconds later to seal the deal.

Players of the Week:

Offense: McKayla Briggs

Defense: Jarod Dussault

Hustle: Kelty Delaney